L.A. Colors False Eyelash Kit

We all have heard of Eyelashes in a bridal makeup look. But this is not the only case where women use fake eyelashes. Women wear false eyelashes to make their scant eyelashes appear fuller. False Eyelashes serves this purpose. This strip of fake eyelash hairs which is attached on a person’s eyelash lines to make them appear lush and voluminous. It is a cluster of hair-like fibers which look a lot like human hair. These lashes come in various forms. Let us see types of eyelashes available in the market.

Eyelashes & Types

False Eyelashes come in many types, like:

  • Strip Lashes: It is a full set of lashes attached to a strip and applied along a woman’s lash line.
  • Individual Lashes: These are single lashes glued onto the natural lashes one by one to extend a customizable look.
  • Cluster Lashes: This one consist of small groups of lashes applied along the lash line to increase lash volume.

How are False Eyelashes made?

Major Cosmetic Brands produce these false eyelashes using a variety of materials. They can handmade them or mass produce in bulk to meet the market’s demands. The hand-crafted lashes have more quality and in turn are expensive.

Cosmetic Brands sell synthetic lashes made using nylon and polyester threads. These are cheaper lashes and come in a variety of style and colors. There are eyelashes made from natural material such as human hairs and silk yarns, they are costly options.

You can apply eyelashes on your lash lines using lash glue, which stick fake ones on your real lash lines. One must carefully position false lashes over the natural ones. To apply a full strip or individual lashes, use tweezers, a common lash applicator tool.


About Custom Eyelashes

In the cosmetic market, one can witness distinct false eyelashes as per their length, thickness, and style. Women can customize their eye-look with their outfit by choosing the correct eyelash option. If you want a subtle enhancement for everyday eyelash wear or a more dramatic and glamorous eye-wings for special occasions, you will find false eyelashes suiting your every need.

Are these Temporary Lashes safe to apply?

We all know that fake eyelashes are temporary enhancements. You can wear them for a single day. Many women also reuse them multiple times but that must be done with proper care and maintenance. You can easily remove the lashes at your day’s end by using a gentle cleansing solution or a simple makeup remover. You will find most false eyelashes safe to use. But one must keep in mind that to apply false lashes, one must carefully avoid glue from the eyes. The glue can also become damaging to the natural lashes. If you have sensitive eyes or previously were allergic to glues, then you must choose hypoallergenic lash glue. Also, read the ingredients list of your purchased eyelashes to avoid any potential harm or reaction.

How to maintain False Eyelashes?

For daily use, proper maintenance of false eyelashes is necessary. One can gently remove the adhesive residue at the day’s end and storing them in a clean and dry place. You must also avoid any exposure to moisture or heat, or they will lose their shape.

Fake Eyelashes are popular cosmetic accessory. They can enhance the appearance of your eyes, and add drama to your otherwise blend makeup looks. One can also achieve fuller lash lines and voluminous lashes by using false eyelashes.

Eyelashes at Beauty Bliss

The False Eyelashes at Beauty Bliss are made with premium black PBT material of different quality range. These are handmade silk lashes which are soft to touch and light. As the best choice for eyelash extensions, these lashes are easily removable from their transfer strip packet. Simply remove the lash from the paper strip layer. Our products are animal-waste tested and have waterproof effect. These curl eyelashes are extremely soft and slightly curlier than the natural ones.

One of our famed eyelash products is L.A. Colors False Eyelash Kit. For an extraordinary look, you can transform your eyelashes with this easy to apply, light and reusable fake eyelashes, which proves as a perfect final touch for your look.

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