Flori Roberts Toners

What makes Flori Roberts Toners necessary for women?

Face toners are regarded as secret skincare weapons. They are found in water-based liquid forms that people can infuse with some skin-soothing components, such as peppermint, aloe, and eucalyptus. Most often, women come across different formulas of tones that are customized according to their different skin types.

Whenever women shop for toners, they look for Flori Roberts toners as it is a reliable brand. Toners refresh the skin but don’t strip the natural moisture from it. And it means, toners turn out to be good even for sensitive skin types. Again, toners do not dry out the skin excessively. Toners prepare the skin for extracting the best from post-cleansing moisturizer as well as other skin treatments that people might have applied.

The purpose

People use toners for removing the traces of grime, impurities, and dirt that get stuck in the pores after they wash their faces. When they include toners in their regular skincare routine and use them regularly, they find optimistic impacts on the look of their skin. Again, toners also tighten the pores. Toners are also helpful in restoring the pH levels of a person’s skin besides smoothing the skin as they refine rough patches. They also augment the skin tone. So, it can be said that toners provide several benefits to people’s skin.


The method of application

When you wish to apply a toner, you need to pour it on a cotton ball to moisten it. And then you must sweep it all across your skin gently. However, you must use a toner after you have cleansed your face. For getting the best results, you must cleanse your face every morning and night before you retire to bed.

Benefits of using a face toner

Besides balancing the pH of a person’s skin after cleaning, toner provides other benefits too:

  • Removes impurities from the skin – People use toners for removing traces of makeup, bacteria, and dirt. Additionally, they also remove dust, impurities, and pollution that continues to linger after people wash their face using a cleanser.
  • Augments the effectiveness of other skincare products – Toners help in exfoliating the skin. So they help in balancing the skin’s pH level. If a person’s skin does lack important nutrients and vitamins, then a toner turns out to be beneficial for him. So, he gets healthy skin.

How frequently must you use a face toner?

A person must not be frightened to make face toner an enduring part of his routine. The consistency and time of how frequently a person would use toner are dependent on his skin concerns, skin type, and ingredients present in the toner. If you get a soothing, calming, and hydrating toner, then you can use it two times a day.

The verdict

Toners turn into people’s first step after they cleanse their faces and Flori Roberts toners are a huge favourite with people because it is alcohol-free and energizing liquid which clarifies the skin. Additionally, they protect the skin against several signs of aging. Buyers who prefer this brand frequently buy the products on Beauty Bliss – it’s an online store having a multitude of branded make up products and cosmetics.

LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads

What is special about LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads?

A makeup kit is the most significant tool in the beauty armory. From eyeliners to lipsticks to nail polish, there are a substantial number of makeup items that helps in making you feel better. One of the most desirable makeup products is nail polish which can make your hands look much healthier and attractive. Moreover, nail polish or nail lacquers make our nails grow stronger as well as longer. But it is obvious that none refers to wearing the same nail polish every time or applying a variety of coats over the other without removing the previous one is not good for your nail health. Here comes the role of nail polish remover pads which are not only handy but beneficial as well. This product has become so popular among all because you can use it in your busy schedule even when you are traveling. Let us know more about LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads and their usefulness.

Nail Polish Remover Pads


Why nail polish remover pads are preferred?

There are a variety of nail polish removers available in the market as well as online but a majority of people love to use nail polish remover pads. And most specifically, the LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads are the most convenient and beneficial to use. The following are some of the reasons for using it:

  • All the nail polish remover pads are manufactured without paraben and acetone and are dermatologically tested.
  • The acetone-free formulation of the nail polish remover pads is extremely effective in removing the nail polish even the darkest shade without damaging the nails.
  • These nail polish remover pads are enriched with nail-nourishing ingredients which are undoubtedly an important reason for using them.
  • A single pad can remove nail polish from up to 10 nails which is cost-effective as well. Moreover, you need not buy cotton separately or use this like ordinary nail polish removers.
  • You can use these pads anytime and anywhere without creating any mess. Thus it is extremely handy and can be used on the go.
  • Unlike other ordinary nail polish removers, it does not dry out the nails after application.

LA Colors as a makeup brand is world-famous. You should choose a trusted source such as Beauty & Bliss to buy nail polish removal pads of this brand. Beauty & Bliss has multiple other LA Colors products in their stock.

More about LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads

From the above discussion, it has been clear that the LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads are so good to use. It is available in six varieties from which you can choose your preferred one. The sweet fruit scent of the nail polish remover pads is not only good to smell but also leaves your nails fresh and smelling amazing. The six varieties include the fruity smell of Lemon, Strawberry, Grape, Melon, Peach, and Pear.

End Note

Are you also excited to have the top-rated nail polish remover pads? Then without giving it a second thought make sure to visit the online store of Beauty Bliss the most popular LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads which comes in six fruity varieties to give you fresh smelling and beautiful nails. Moreover, the online store has also come up with a large variety of best-selling makeup products that are not only beneficial but also affordable. The best part of this online store is that you can get your order delivered to your doorstep with no shipping charges over the value of KES 2500.

Summary: The nail polish remover kit should be a part of your makeup kit. If you love attractive nail polish shades, then you are the one who prefers to change the nail polish frequently. In this case, you need good quality nail polish remover pads such as LA colors nail polish remover pads.

Nail Collection with Beauty Bliss

Time to peek in at New Year’s Designer Nail Collection with Beauty Bliss

With the New Year come new trends, styles and fashion in the market, which needs to be followed ASAP? And knowing your love for beautiful and innovative nail art, the Beauty Bliss experts are all set to aid you. Keeping in mind the available products in our nail collection, these experts have brought you many new and innovative designs. Come, explore them and flaunt this year- 

Sparkly Nail Art: Paint all your nails in white nail paint. Now, take a chunky glitter nail polish that has 2-3 colours of glitter in them and a tiny sponge piece. Apply the glitter nail polish on the sponge and dab it on the tip of the nails. Reapply the glitter on the sponge and redo the same as we want to achieve a chunky glitter look. Once done, let it dry nicely. Your chunky and funky nail art is ready. This nail art not only looks artistry but also, gives a feel of a freshly done nail from an expensive salon. The result will shock you and save you tons of money, as it will look like a job done by a professional. 

Drag Marble Nail Art: Marble nails are in trend for a couple of years now, but this one looks like the galaxy and marble, both in one. Take a pearl white nail polish shade, followed by silver glitter and Fuschia pink. Begin with painting the pinky finger, index finger and thumb in pink colour and coat them with silver sparkle nail polish, followed by painting the remaining two in pearl white. Now, take a plastic sheet and make stripes of all three nail paints twice. Take a painting or makeup brush, and mix the stripes a little. Dab the pigment on the brush and then on the white nails, and repeat till they are fully covered. Once all the fingers are done, finish the look with transparent nail polish for long-time wear and a smooth finish. All of this is available under Beauty Bliss’s nail collection. 

Traditional Tinkle: Nothing can beat the beauty of classic red nails. But, this time to make them pretty gorgeous, pair them with gold glitter nail colour. For this one, start painting all your nails in red. Apply twice if required and let it dry thoroughly. Further, take a piece of torn sponge (probably thumbnail size) and hold it with a plucker, followed by brushing a layer of golden nail colour. With this, move ahead and dab the sponge on your fingernail. The trick here is to dab the sponge on some parts of the nails and avoid covering all the nails with golden glitter. Once done and dusted, finish off the look with a clear nail paint coat. 

Sunset Bloom: One of the easiest yet coolest nail art to try on this season is this one. Take pink, orange and yellow nail polishes from the LA Colors nail collection available on the website and begin painting all the nails with pink first. Furthermore, take a sponge piece and swatch pink, orange, and yellow (in this order only) on it. Now, dab this on your nails, and you will see an hombre effect. Make the upper surface smooth by topping it with a clear coat only after the earlier ones have all dried. And there you have your pretty sunset bloom nail art without spending thousands on nail extensions or a nail salon visit. 

All this nail art looks like a job done by a professional and saves you money and time. You can reach out to our website Beauty Bliss for the best deals on our nail collection at the best price from the rest.

Beauty Shop in Kenya

Best Beauty Shop in Kenya- Beauty Bliss Gives a Glimpse of Beginner’s Guide for Makeup

If beginning a career in makeup is something you want, then begin with self-practicing and how a particular product works on your skin. Thus, to help you choose the correct face, lips, and eye makeup products, the best beauty shop in Kenya, i.e. Beauty Bliss, has curated a list of products to be present in your vanity as a beginner- 

Beauty Products Shop in Kenya

Face Primer- Once the face prep using your skincare products is done, it is time to apply the first makeup product, i.e., a face primer. It also fills up the pores that can otherwise get clogged with makeup products and give us bumps later. A good quality face primer makes your face even and gives you a smooth face to apply other makeup products.

Liquid Foundation- After priming your face, get it dolled up with the next step, i.e., foundation. Grab a liquid foundation, as it is easily accessible compared to stick foundations. Always choose a perfect tone as per your skin tone and go for a full coverage foundation, which cuts down the need for concealer. Apply it with the help of a beauty blender, as it gives a smoother finish to the entire look with no brush strokes.

Setting Powder- Also known as baking powder, banana powder, etc., a setting powder is crucial to get a neat look. You can go for full or medium-coverage setting powder. It is applied on areas that sweat the most on our faces. The choice of foundation and setting powder is very crucial. Thus, we advise you to visit a physical store near you, try a few shades and then head to Beauty Bliss- the best beauty shop in Kenya to buy the product at the best price. 

Eyeshadow Palette- The right choice of eyeshadow palette can assist you in doing the job of many other makeup products. Yes! That can happen while saving you a lot of money, space, and time. LA Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection NUDES has all the right shades to be used as blush, contour, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, highlighter, and eyeshadows. If you want to play around with colours, buy LA Colors 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette, which has all the bright colours. These palettes will help you in creating tons of makeup looks. 

Makeup Fixer- Popularly known as makeup setting spray is yet another product that a beginner should get used to and must have a good command on. Choose this product from a reliable brand, and it will aid you in keeping your makeup intact for longer than usual. Once the makeup is done, close your eyes and spray the setting spray. Let it settle in for a while before touching your face. You can also use a beauty blender for a smooth finish and dab in the product with finesse. 

Other than these, eyeliner, kajal, and lipstick are the products that most of us have. In fact, a kajal stick in place of eyeliner can get the job of eyeliner done while also saving you money. So, now that the list is ready explore Beauty Bliss- the beauty shop in Kenya, right away and place your order.


Add Eyeliner, Mascara, and Eyeshadow to your Vanity from Beauty Bliss

Eyes have always been that part of any makeup look, which needs to be on point. And without having a good bunch of such products, you can never reach that level. So, to have the best eye makeup collection, you need to visit and explore Beauty Bliss, where we have a collection of high-end eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow palettes, etc., at the most affordable price. Below, our expert makeup artists have shared their recommendations that will help you plan the apt makeup vanity- 

Color Me Beautiful Automatic Long-Lasting Eyeliner- Best for beginners and professionals, this eyeliner is enriched with the goodness of aloe vera and chamomile that gives an extra smooth finish. This product is a water-proof, easy-gliding, creamy formula that lasts longer than ever.Color Me Beautiful Automatic Long Lasting EyelinerFlori Roberts Hot Kohl Eye Pencil- Another brand with another kohl pencil that is great quality and long-lasting too. It is a perfect pick to curate effects around the eye and makes it look beautiful. You can make it bold to get the smouldering, soft, and natural look that you need. The eye pencil has zero side effects and works perfectly on sensitive eyes.Flori Roberts Hot Kohl Eye PencilLA Girl Endless Auto Eyeliner- Black is always the colour that everyone owes, but to keep your makeup vanity more colorful, this eyeliner in many shades is for you. This is a semi-permanent eyeliner that comes in various colours. So, grab all that you like or get all. These shades give you the leverage to make your eye looks different from what you created yesterday. These eyeliners are priced wisely, which makes them a hit among youngsters. 

LA Girl Endless Auto Eyeliner

LA Colors Double Volume Mascara- Mascara makes a great way of accentuating our eyelashes. We need not wear fake eyelashes regularly when good quality mascara is applied to them. Get this one that does an impeccable job and gives you bushy eyelashes. Its dual finish gives volume to light lashes, and the outcome seems natural. LA Colors Double Volume Mascara

LA Colors Eyeliner/Brow Pencil Twin Pack with Sharpener- What is better than a combo of eyeliner and brow pencil, both in one? This combo is a money-saver as while defining your brows perfectly with the brow pencil, you get to give life to your eyelids too with the eyeliner. The combo is handy and apt for your on-the-go road trips, dinner dates, etc., makeup looks.

LA Colors Eyeliner/Brow Pencil Twin Pack with sharpenerLA Girl Gel Liner Kit- Gel liner kit has rich pigmentation and creamy texture, enabling you a precise eye lining. The fine eyeliner comes with a precision brush that makes the job quite easy. This is the perfect pick for your daily eyeliner needs and is quite economical. You can get a smoky and dramatic eye look effortlessly with this one. 

LA Girl Gel Liner Kit

LA Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow- Bright and metallic eye shadow colours are quiet today. The palette has such a pretty colour option available, which looks stunning on every single person. You can create many looks out of one palette and look gorgeous wherever you go. This palette goes a long way, as a little pigment is enough to fill up the eyelid fully. LA Colors 5 Color Metallic EyeshadowLoose Mineral Eyeshadow- If colour bombing is your thing, then nothing is better than Flori Robert’s loose mineral eyeshadow. Grab it in the shade you like and practice an eye look that will make you appear a standout among others. The amount of innovative makeup look you see today is only possible due to such exclusive eyeshadow colours in the market.

Loose Mineral EyeshadowSo, grab an eyeliner, mascara, kohl, etc., only from Beauty Bliss at the best price available today.

KeraCare Curling Wax

Get your Hands on KeraCare Curling Wax, Available at Beauty Bliss

Hair is one such body part that can be shaped, designed, colored, etc., in thousands of ways. And with the festive season knocking on our doors, it is time we get all set for dressing in the most festive attire with hairstyles that make us the fresh face of every party. Now, while indulging in hairstyling, we require a lot more than just hair. We need good-quality hair sprays, hair protectants, gels, styling tools, curling wax, etc.

curling wax

So, what will be the best brand that offers quality hair-styling products? We say KeraCare is a prominent hair-styling brand product, having an infinite range of products for every need and requirement. The brand is quite renowned among national and international hair stylists and hairdressers because of the range of hair products it offers. You can grab KeraCare products at Beauty Bliss’s website at the best price under our Black Friday Sale!

To name a few KeraCare hair products, we have curated a list below-

KeraCare Dry & Itchy Scalp Anti-Dandruff Moisturizing Shampoo- The shampoo is enriched with a moisturizing agent that cleanses and nourishes the scalp. It gives you shiny and healthy-looking hair from the first wash.

KeraCare Dry & Itchy Scalp Anti-Dandruff Moisturizing Conditioner- To achieve the optimum benefit of the shampoo, we advise you to complete your hair regime with the application of this conditioner. It detangles the hair, gives them strength, and makes them shinier as no one else does.

TIP- Both the above products by KeraCare are from its anti-dandruff range, thus, if used together they show optimum benefits.

KeraCare Curling Wax- Known for thinking and curating the best for our hair, KeraCare curling wax is the ultimate solution to keep your swirling curls in shape while also making them feel shiny and beautiful. It is such a great hair curling product that is hassle-free to apply and gives the best result.

KeraCare Moisturizing Shampoo for Color Treated Hair- Colored hair requires extra care with every wash, and that is majorly because we have treated them with chemicals and our hair is not habitual of that. Thus, the best shampoo you can choose is this one. It keeps the colour intact and vibrant while also neutralizing the chemical impact on your hair and curating a protective layer.

KeraCare Moisturizing Conditioner for Color Treated Hair- To get complete aid from the shampoo above, finish your hair wash with this conditioner and see how beautifully intact your colour stays while appearing smooth and shiny.

All these KeraCare products, including the curling wax, shampoo conditioner, shine-on serum, etc., are of unmatchable quality. You can get the whole range of KeraCare hair styling and hair care products at Beauty Bliss at the best price. Shop now!

Beauty Shop in Kenya

Donne that Dewy Makeup Look with Products from the Best Beauty Shop in Kenya

Many of us not only manifest a love story like in movies, but deep inside, we all also want to look fab all the time, like most onscreen divas. From minimal makeup to an everyday dewy makeup look, movie divas have given us a new definition to learn and follow. These makeup looks are the epitome of minimalist sophistication and radiant splendour. They also help us understand the true meaning of makeup, i.e., to highlight the best facial features we possess. So, before you build up your makeup vanity from Beauty Bliss- the best beauty shop in Kenya, here is a guide to all products you must possess from the website.

Achieve that Glossy Finish with a Primer- We believe you always go ahead with any makeup look after you have done your daily moisturizing routine. This skincare step is significant, irrelevant of oily/ dry/ normal/ combination skin. LA Girl Pro Prep Smoothing Face Primer helps in blurring out any visible pore, fixes the oily T-zone, and gives you a butter-smooth face to apply the other products on. This primer smooths out fine lines, provides your face hydration, and keeps oil in control.

Make it Glossy and How- Remember that the key to a perfect regular makeup look has always been a combination of two things- keep your makeup light and use little products. If you aim to fetch the compliments you yearned for, then go ahead with buffing a damp beauty blender in LA Colors Truly Matte Liquid Foundation in your preferred shade. The foundation is available as per Kenyan skin tones and is easily blendable. It gives good coverage without leaving any patches behind.

Time for Some Rosy Cheeks- A dewy makeup look is an amalgamation of natural glow with flushing cheeks. We need some blush on our cheeks to give our faces some dimension. Go ahead with LA Girl Just Blushing Powder to achieve a mischievous blush on your cheeks. Dab a couple of times on your cheeks with light hands and blend it well in a slanting upward direction. To look ecstatic, apply the remaining product to your nose and chin.

Define the Eyes- We have not played with many colours so far, but our looks will be a waste if we do not dress up our eyes. So, to begin with, apply LA Colors Automatic Eyeliner Pencil on the lower waterline and LA Colors Mascara on the eyelashes. This step defines your eyes without applying much makeup.

Something Pink for the Lips- In a dewy makeup look, go with a lip shade that is as subtle as your blush shade. So, as per that, grab LA Colors Chunky Lip Pencil and wear it on your lips. Its pigment seems dark but is not and leaves behind a natural-like finish.

So, now achieve this simple, subtle dewy makeup look with products available at Beauty Bliss-the beauty shop in Kenya.

Beauty Shop in Kenya

Why do People Consider Visiting a Beauty Shop in Kenya?

Though most people assume the beauty business as cosmetics only, it has expanded hugely in scope. Today, it comprises a huge array of products. Besides cosmetics alone, you will come across skin cleaners, eye products, lip products, various skin care products, and many more. The beauty business also comprises the method in which a beauty product is sold. Beauty products hold huge importance in people’s lives as they do improve mood, augment looks, and lift the self-esteem of the users. Additionally, beauty products also help in exhibiting a person’s personal style, so, they are a vital means of social expression.

When you visit a beauty shop in Kenya, you will find products at pocket-friendly costs. Beauty shops offer products at cost-effective prices as they can feel the developing love for make-up products. Trustworthy shops always concentrate on selling genuine products and turn them valuable for the sake of their countless customers. Hence, you can rely on them to get unbeatable deals.

Some tips you need to follow when using cosmetic products

When you buy cosmetic products, you need to follow some safety guidelines like the ones mentioned below:

  • Go through the label – You must follow every direction and pay heed to all warnings.
  • Never share your beauty products – Your beauty products must be strictly yours and you shouldn’t ever share them with other people.
  • Wash your hands – Ensure that your hands are washed well before you use any beauty product.
  • Keep every beauty container clean and closed tightly when you don’t use them. Additionally, you must shield them from temperature extremes too.
  • Don’t use products when they have crossed the expiry date – If you find changes in smell or color in the beauty products, throw them away.

Buying beauty products from reliable source like Beauty & Bliss has many benefits including quality and price. Reputed shops always take care of the expiry dates of the products. They never sale expired products. Moreover, they never charge anything over the price tag even when the products are imported.

Various beauty products

A reputed beauty shop in Kenya no matter it sells its products offline or online, understands the agony of hopping from one shop to another in search of beauty products. Hence, it offers a huge array of products:






The best beauty shop in Kenya offers the finest make-up products that help women in keeping up with their vanity. This is the chief reason; these shops stock themselves up with the latest products from international brands and keep updating the products. There are numerous optimistic effects of makeup; hence, beauty shops do not stay behind. These shops ensure that every product is making the users’ skin look outstanding and they are feeling better about themselves when they use the products.

beauty products online in Kenya

A Guide to Buying the Best Beauty Products Online in Kenya

While online shopping is fun and economical, there are a couple of beauty products that should be brought from reliable sellers only. Understanding reliable beauty products are not easy as the same product like lip liner or eye primer can be formulated with various chemical compounds. No doubt, in-store shopping is still popular, we are all spending a couple of hours every week shopping online. Many established cosmetics brands in Kenya are now available online. They are live 24/7 with all their popular and established products. The brands like Beauty Bliss have all sorts of beauty products starting from eye to nail makeup items right on their site. These are the best beauty products online in Kenya.

Having Beauty Bliss on your computer or smartphone screen, you will never miss any product. The categories are perfectly aligned to make it easier and faster for anyone to go through the products and place an order.

Make a master list first

The best and smartest way of shopping when you are looking for all your makeup and beauty solutions online is to make a master list first. The master list helps you perform the correct search and find the products easily. On this list, put down the product types and brands you want to buy or you think you need in near future. However, if you are not sure about the brand, no worries! Beauty Bliss has the easiest solutions for their buyers and visitors. They have a separate category for all the available brands available on the site. Just visit “All Brands” and you will find CND Shellac, Color Me Beautiful, La Colors, and La Girl types of the most popular American brands all in one place. You can trust these brands completely as the world trusts these brands. For the best beauty products online in Kenya, nothing can be better than an online seller having all sorts of products and kits in one place and all those products are branded.

Read about the ingredients or know the quality

Would you compromise when you are using lip gloss, eyeliner, or lipstick? You shouldn’t and no one should. Just the price tag is not enough. You cannot buy anything just because the product is cheap. The human skin is highly sensitive. If you are using anything, you may face consequences – now or later. If makeup products are important to you, have the best and most selective brands in your kit. Beauty Bliss has wonderfully categorized the products for your convenience. If you need eye makeup products like eye primer, eye shadow, false eyelashes, eyebrow blender brush, etc. find them in the “Eye” category only. Likewise, find the best face cosmetics, lip cosmetics, and nail cosmetics in the corresponding sections. Read about the products in detail before placing your products. Readi8ng about the products enables you to know what kinds of products you are going to use.

Does any beauty products shop let you research the products available with them? Most probably not. They say and customers listen. There is no time binding, no push sell, and no influence when you buy beauty products online in Kenya. Take your time, make your list, go through the products, know the brands, and then buy. It would be a wonderful experience on Beauty Bliss.