Mistakes you do while applying Lip Liners

While applying makeup, one must always remember this cardinal rule to always apply lip liner before wearing lipstick. Lipliner, a major cosmetic product, helps designate the area of lipstick; A Lipliner also helps to ensure the lipstick is non-bleeding with a longer-wear finish. A lipstick can have any formula, be it creamy, matte finish, classic tube, or liquid lipstick. Remember that on an unwielded application, lip liner can render opposite effect and leave you with a worse look.

Pre-conceptions about Incorrect Lipliner Application

In this article, we are going to warn you on the five wrong ways of Lipliner applications:

Worrying About Lipstick-Lipliner Matching

The answer on choosing a lip liner is two-fold, like finding a signature neutral-ish Lipliner: the Lipliner must go with anything. It must not exactly match your skin tone, but you can try to stay in that range. Even on the application of red or pink lipstick, the Lipliner will still do the job. All you have to do is make sure to blend out well as well as cover any lined area with lipstick. This is done to ensure that no neutral is peeking through.

Also, while wearing a particular lipstick shade for any event, you must pick up the matching lip liner shade or something close to get the color than neutral. It is highly recommended if you are wearing a bold shade of any of the following colors:

  • Red
  • Fuchsia
  • Bright Pink


Hesitating in Blending Out

Suppose your outfit renders you to go for a 1990s brown liner look, and you are looking to use a layer with a frosted purple lip gloss. In such cases, blending becomes essential. Here, blending works wonder even using the exact matching lipstick shade. When you complete the initial lip line, you can take the liner to fill in your lips and move towards your pout, until the outer third of your lips is covered lightly with lip liner. After such an application, you can use your finger to buff out the liner towards the lips center, without buffing the outer line to create the Ombré shading inside the lips, along with maintaining a crisp and smooth outer line.

Using a Firm and Rugged Hand for application

Beginning the lines of “light as a feather,” you can come at your lip line at a slant angle, rather than pressing on it directly. With this, you can use continuous small strokes and feather-light pressure to start drawing on the lips with the liner. Repeat this process until the entire lip is finished, and then go back to spots needing a little more pigment. You can begin with small, light strokes, starting with a base of hydrating lip balm. The hydrating balm will help your liner glide on better even after your lipsticks.

Underlining Your Lips

You must not hug too close to your lip line to avoid any overlining. This won’t favor your pouts anyway. In case you accidentally overline a bit, it won’t become much noticeable, but might give a slightly plumper look. You must keep the underline subtle, and as close to your natural lip line as possible. You can also overline on purpose for a more voluptuous lip look but always be cautious with your confidence.

Blunt Application of the Liner

A blunt tip on your lip liner is very complex and sensitive application. It is like using a handful of butter in a homemade biscuit recipe. You can call it for half a stick, which will not be precise enough. Do not sharpen your tips as it will result in a harsh line with too much pressure. You must produce a sharp, focused, and pigmented line that doesn’t look muddled or bleeding outside your lip line.


Select Quality Lipstick for a Perfect Look

Among all the colors used for facial makeup, lip colors play a crucial role in determining the facial look. Lipstick is one of the most common and popular makeup items used worldwide. You can get a broad spectrum of choices in this category. If you are interested in exploring a never-ending array of lipstick shades, then online beauty shops are your best bet.

Huge collection of brands

Online beauty shops such as Beauty & Bliss are platforms that can offer a huge range of choices for lip color shades. You can get lip colors from some of the best beauty brands across the world on these websites. Finding such a wide collection can be difficult in retail outlets in nearby marketplaces.

Clear display of colors

If you have never bought lipstick from an online beauty store before, it is interesting to know that the process can be exciting fun, and simple. The color shades are displayed from various angles. Often the same color is displayed against different skin tones for better clarity for the buyers. However, there can be a slight differentiation in the color shades due to the light. Review the product closely before buying.

Pay attention to the texture

Lipsticks are available in different quality categories. Some of them are moist and lustrous whereas some of them are matte. Even the matte finish lipsticks are enriched with essential oils to keep your lips moisturized. While buying lip colors pay attention to these aspects as they happen to be just as important as the color of the lipstick.


Lookout for offers

While shopping for offers while buying lipsticks from online stores. Sometimes the offers and combo deals provide a combination of two or more lip colors. However, in other deals, the lip colors are combined with other makeup items. Look out for this offer and deal at the time of buying to make the most of them.

Make a collection of the best lipsticks

You must create a collection of lip colors in your makeup kit. The makeup kits of modern women should have several sheds of lipsticks selected from trusted brands. It is the simplest way through which you can add some dynamism to your wardrobe. Different colors of dresses at different times of the day and evening require different lip colors. Create a collection of lip colors from different brands to prepare for different dynamic looks.

Read well

Before you indulge in any form of lipstick shopping read all the aspects and information about the website or online store with close attention. The information will help you to shop well for lip colors.

Buy the most trusted brands

Top brands available in Kenya are all available on Beauty & Bliss. This is a remarkable advantage for women who need to use lipsticks. In fact, this trusted online seller of cosmetics has the most renowned brands in the world such as Flori Roberts, LA Colors, and LA Girls. Buy a few pieces as per your requirements. They have all categories of lipsticks to display such as Matte lipsticks, Moisture rich lipsticks, and Hydrating lipsticks.

LA Colors Matte Eyeshadow Palette

How To Use Matte Eyeshadow Palette?

Shimmery and sparkling eyeshadow can be used to get a fun look but this kind of look doesn’t go well in day-to-day life. Whereas you can use matte eyeshadows to get a smooth, and sparkle-free look. You can use matte eyeshadows not only for creating a daytime look, but also these eyeshadows are perfect creating an elegant and classy look that is suitable for going anytime anywhere. If you want to buy the best Matte Eyeshadow Palette that can last all day Or night, you can use LA Colors Matte Eyeshadow Palette.

How to use Matte Eyeshadow Palette?

If you want to learn how to use LA Colors Matte Eyeshadow Palette, follow these below-mentioned steps.

  • First, you need to apply a primer all over the lid using your fingertip. Although several women skip this step. But applying the primer decides how the makeup holds up throughout the day. Then, you need to wait a few minutes until the primer gets absorbed.
  • As soon as your primer gets absorbed, you need to apply concealer over the eyelids and blend it.
  • Then, you need to set the concealer with powder.
  • Now, it’s time to apply the eyeshadow. As you are using Matte Eyeshadow Palette, you should work with light, medium, and dark colors. In this case, you need to apply a medium transition color. You can take the help of an eyeshadow brush for applying the color on the eyelid crease and the center of the eyelid.
  • Next, you need to apply light color on the inner corner and on your lid so that your eyes will look open and bright.
  • Using a flat eyeshadow brush, you need to pat the eyeshadow into the inner corner as well as across the lid. Make sure that you are applying the light shade under the eyebrows.
  • To add dimension, you need to apply the darkest shade to the outer corners.
  • Use a clean eyeshadow brush and take the darkest color from LA Colors Matte Eyeshadow Palette. Then, you need to start applying the eyeshadow at the very outer corner of the eyes. Now, your task is to sweep the color inwards in such a way that it can meet the lightest shade applied in the middle of the eyelids.
  • Now, you need to blend the shades seamlessly. After completing the blending process, you can apply more of every shade if needed for making the colors bolder and more intense.

best Matte Eyeshadow Palette

End note

As eyes are the window to our soul, it’s essential to accentuate them. So, for enhancing your look, you can contact Beauty Bliss from where you can buy a wide range of eye makeup products. Just match your eyelids with your outfit’s color and look like a diva. Those who need to buy Matte Eyeshadow Palette can try LA Colors Matte Eyeshadow Palette which comes with 4 nude tone colors that are perfect for creating a day or night look.

Matte Lipstick

Tips to Flawlessly Apply Matte Lipstick Following Professional Flair

Lipstick selection is always a fun and frolic task which is closely followed by the art of impeccable application. Talking specifically about the variety and shade selection in matte lipstick, is one of the leading online cosmetic portals that presents a plethora of buying options. You will find listings from various brands within distinct price range that is sure to suit your style, preference and budget.

Matte lipstick collection is a rage among women of all age groups. But only a few has mastered the art of its application. It does not require a professional makeup technique, but a simple skill to have a steady hand. Smart application of matte lipstick can change the entire game of lipstick application for you and will help you deal with spill over on the outlines. Step by step process of mastering this technique is jotted below for your happy lipstick application journey:


  • Use a good quality lip scrub: It will definitely offer you a clean canvas which will help in smooth setting of matter lipstick. Pick any an ultra-soft sugar scrub which will help gentle exfoliation of your lip skin and also benefits them with oils like acai and monoi which can moisturize your lips for smooth lipstick application.
  • Include hydration: Pick a hydrating lip balm which helps in aiding and offering lip protection. It is a must addition in your make up routine, especially if you have chapped lips. Also, you can consider the application of an overnight lip mask with occlusive coconut oil that can aid in restoring the lost moisture while you sleep.
  • Lip liners are in: A disrupted lipstick application can ruin your make up case and can also be hard to fix in certain cases. So, it is important to use a blending lip line to create that perfect outline for your lipstick application and impart a natural shape which is hard to obtain with direct lipstick application in one go.
  • Keep a Lipstick Brush handy: It is always a professional move to use lipstick brush handy to gain that extra precision. It will ensure that you apply lipstick with great precision. Also, even when you are travelling, carry a lipstick brush is a smart option. Using a small-tapered tip ensures to provide even application, especially when you are dealing with bullet lipstick which have a high tendency of giving over-lined application.
  • Apply through the Tip: As soon as you unpack a lipstick, always use the pointed edge of the applicator to make an outline before filling it in. It is a smart and a quick hack to ensure that your lip shade stays within the defined boundaries leaving behind a precise and stunning impact and look on your lips.
  • Hide your mistakes: Last but not the least, always keep a concealer handy to control the damage in time in case of uneven application. A concealer comes handy as a life savior to offer a crisp finish. Always prefer buying a thicker, full-coverage concealer to ensure that the formula stays at one place.
LA Colors Artificial Nail Tips

LA Colors Artificial Nail Tips from Beauty Bliss Will Give You Stylish-looking Nails

Take advantage of LA Colors Artificial Nail Tips, offering you a chance to play with the most popular nail art designs and hues. The effect is slick and sophisticated; combining it with dazzling monochromatic designs makes it even more distinctive. Restock your collection of palettes if you want to use this strategy. Creating beautiful nails has become a never-ending craze. The cost of getting your nails painted professionally might be high. As a result, we have outlined a few strategies below to help you keep up with the most recent nail art trends:

Shades and Colours: Matte nail polish is available in a wide range of hues on the website. Trends don’t necessarily mean keeping traditional colour schemes like black, red, pink, blue, white, etc. Thanks to the extensive range of matte nail polishes by LA Color. Women enjoying the light, dark, and pastel shades of brown, burgundy, teal, navy, nude, and yellow can get vibrant manicures. A few of the colours used are rose gold, white, light blue, almond red, and silver.

LA Colors Artificial Nail Tips

Designs- LA Colors Artificial Nail Tips are a great option for women because they give them a chance to have fashionable and delicate-looking nails. You can do a variety of designs on these nail tips, portraying a variety of styles, designs, and artistic ideas. Choosing the appropriate colours, tones, forms, lengths, and textures is quite challenging. To create a distinctive appearance, some women pair matte and glossy or sparkling nails together. In contrast, matte looks well on all nail shapes, including stiletto, almond, tomb, and short, medium, and long nails. Have some fun with it and customise your look with the countless alternatives for nail art available online, such as matte polish with stones and pearls, zigzag patterns, glitters, base and dots, contemporary face art, rhinestone nails, etc.

Remember- You should always add a top coat to prolong the life of your manicure, so if you’re going to use nail polish in any case, a matte finish is a great choice. While other brands’ nail polish will intensify it and some others will drastically change it, LA Color nail polish top coats don’t alter the colours of your polish. By properly preparing your nails before using matte nail polish, you can increase the lacquer’s lifespan. Just as you would with any other manicure, apply two layers of polish, top with a premium topcoat, and take good care of your nails after they are painted.

LA Colors Artificial Nail Tips are a great escape from your regular nails that overtime seems boring. Simply go with these nail approaches at home, and the cost of nothing gets your desired nail art. Visit Beauty Bliss and get your hands on all things branded for a better nail bed and results of your nail art.

LA Colors Mascara

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Mascara

Mascara is the simplest yet confusing make up essential in your vanity. As a matter of fact, many women fail to recognize the features that sets a good mascara apart from a cheap one. Since it is an absolute essential, it has a great deal of contribution in defining the eye frame which works as a boon for the overall eye makeup.


Women love those defined and dark eyelashes that brighten their faces, rejuvenate the look and make the eyes stand out. LA Colors Mascara is created to lengthen and define lashes which spreads the product evenly in the center of the lashes while the lashes get lesser deposit of the product. Some of the factors that you need to consider while buying a high quality mascara such as LA Colors Mascara are outlined below:

  • Ease of application: The first thing that its structure and ease in your hands. Buying a mascara that has a big wand can make it tough to handle. Buy one that is easy to handle and comfortable wand so there is no risk to eye pokes resulting in highly defined lashes presenting a dramatic and sensuous look.
  • Stay: Next important factor is if its lasting stay on your lashes. A mascara with high quality ingredients proves to be much more reliable in holding color and length to the lashes. Also make sure that the cosmetic product is free from damaging preservatives like parabens which often work to sustain the longevity of the mascara but can have a bad impact on the skin. Applying the mascara on skin for longer hours can risk the skin if the ingredients in a mascara are harmful. A mascara as good as LA Colors Mascara is safe to be used on skin which contains peptide to encourage lash growth and work on their strengthening.
  • Easy to remove: Next factor is its easy removal. Buy a mascara which can come off easily. Nothing is worse than rubbing your eyes and damaging the lashes in the attempt of removing the makeup. When it is tough to remove the mascara, it can be hardly damaging to your eyes. High quality mascara does not smudge but at the same time does not stay rigidly on the lashes. It is treat to apply as well as to take off easily.
  • Quick dry: Buying a mascara which can dry quickly can save you minutes. Everyone loves a product which can be applied and dry in an instant without waiting around. Such mascara allows you the time to apply more coats and sets you free to go about with your day by setting in its place in a few seconds after the application.
  • Good formulation: Importantly, buy a mascara which does not look clumpy and contains emollient moisturizer from olives to impart you a fully covered look. It covers the lashes from roots to tips. Buy a mascara that is created to nurture and enhance your lashes.

Check out premium quality cosmetic products here.

LA Girl, LA Colors and Flori Roberts Face Powders.

Common Make-up Mistakes Encountered and their Quick Fixes

Make-up is one of the most demanded online products online. This is the key reason why the market for make-up products has grown exponentially. At, there is a range of LA Colors range of products such as LA Girl, LA Colors and Flori Roberts Face Powders. These products are considered budget friendly and can be easily ordered following the link These products have gathered a great demand in the market owing to their exceptional stay and skin friendliness while imparting flawless base and look for any occasion you wish to attend.

As teenagers, girls grew fond of makeup products but not everyone knows the correct way to apply it. This is the reason why it is important to know the correct way and things to avoid while applying even high quality make up products such as LA Girl, LA Colors and Flori Roberts Face Powders. Some of these common mistakes are outlined for your perusal below:

  • Overlining the lips: nobody wants to have that clown pout by overlining the lips which is not a good make up hack at all. Even if you have leaner lips, it is recommended to use nude lip liner to outline your lips, followed by using a blending brush to remove any harsh lines. To create an ombre effect, use two similar lipsticks in similar shades which gives can provide the illusion of bigger and fuller lips.
  • Excessive products: Next big mistake is to avoid applying too much product at once. Especially with LA Color beauty line, you must always go for applying thin make up layer to acquire a flawless base and to avoid any type of cakiness. Spread and apply lesser product at areas where you don’t need much coverage or more layers where you need to hide a blemish or a scar.
  • Improper blending: Not blending the make-up well is another mistake that make every make up item distinguishingly sitting on your face such as blush, contour, eyeshadow and the highlighter.
  • Incorrect skin prep: Before you even start applying make-up, it is important to prep skin before since applying skin on dry and rough skin will give you nasty breakout or below-average makeup look.
  • Improper application of contour and highlighter: The primary job of a highlighter and contour is to impart your face an instant lift and color. They should always be applied on the right areas of your face to make your face look best in shape.
  • Incorrect layering of products: Always follow the correct order of applying liquid or cream products below powder products. Doing this in reverse can lead to skin appearing caky. Also, in case you have oily skin, you can also skip the cream or liquid products and simply go ahead with powder based products which will be balanced by the natural texture of your skin.
  • Missing out on Mascara: Lastly, never skip applying mascara on your eyelashes. One or two coats are enough to make them in sync with your eyebrows.
LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads

What is special about LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads?

A makeup kit is the most significant tool in the beauty armory. From eyeliners to lipsticks to nail polish, there are a substantial number of makeup items that helps in making you feel better. One of the most desirable makeup products is nail polish which can make your hands look much healthier and attractive. Moreover, nail polish or nail lacquers make our nails grow stronger as well as longer. But it is obvious that none refers to wearing the same nail polish every time or applying a variety of coats over the other without removing the previous one is not good for your nail health. Here comes the role of nail polish remover pads which are not only handy but beneficial as well. This product has become so popular among all because you can use it in your busy schedule even when you are traveling. Let us know more about LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads and their usefulness.

Nail Polish Remover Pads


Why nail polish remover pads are preferred?

There are a variety of nail polish removers available in the market as well as online but a majority of people love to use nail polish remover pads. And most specifically, the LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads are the most convenient and beneficial to use. The following are some of the reasons for using it:

  • All the nail polish remover pads are manufactured without paraben and acetone and are dermatologically tested.
  • The acetone-free formulation of the nail polish remover pads is extremely effective in removing the nail polish even the darkest shade without damaging the nails.
  • These nail polish remover pads are enriched with nail-nourishing ingredients which are undoubtedly an important reason for using them.
  • A single pad can remove nail polish from up to 10 nails which is cost-effective as well. Moreover, you need not buy cotton separately or use this like ordinary nail polish removers.
  • You can use these pads anytime and anywhere without creating any mess. Thus it is extremely handy and can be used on the go.
  • Unlike other ordinary nail polish removers, it does not dry out the nails after application.

LA Colors as a makeup brand is world-famous. You should choose a trusted source such as Beauty & Bliss to buy nail polish removal pads of this brand. Beauty & Bliss has multiple other LA Colors products in their stock.

More about LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads

From the above discussion, it has been clear that the LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads are so good to use. It is available in six varieties from which you can choose your preferred one. The sweet fruit scent of the nail polish remover pads is not only good to smell but also leaves your nails fresh and smelling amazing. The six varieties include the fruity smell of Lemon, Strawberry, Grape, Melon, Peach, and Pear.

End Note

Are you also excited to have the top-rated nail polish remover pads? Then without giving it a second thought make sure to visit the online store of Beauty Bliss the most popular LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads which comes in six fruity varieties to give you fresh smelling and beautiful nails. Moreover, the online store has also come up with a large variety of best-selling makeup products that are not only beneficial but also affordable. The best part of this online store is that you can get your order delivered to your doorstep with no shipping charges over the value of KES 2500.

Summary: The nail polish remover kit should be a part of your makeup kit. If you love attractive nail polish shades, then you are the one who prefers to change the nail polish frequently. In this case, you need good quality nail polish remover pads such as LA colors nail polish remover pads.


Treat your Eye to a Gem 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette from LA Colors

LA Colors is an affordable line of cosmetics offered by Beauty Bliss, Inc. This fun and fearless cosmetic brand offer exceptional quality products at an amazing price. With its fun line of cosmetic products, this brand targets more of the younger fashionistas. It is a cruelty-free company offering quality cosmetic products for all the vegans out there. This pioneer beauty brand is an innovation enthusiast, color expert, and value-leaders. LA Colors line of beauty products are quite popular among the fashionistas, especially its 12 color eyeshadow palette is a must-have for ladies who love to indulge their eyes into a splash of color.

About 12 Color Eyeshadow

L.A. Colors 12 color eyeshadow palette has twelve mix and match beautiful neutral-toned shades that are completely blendable. The eyeshadow has innovative shades ranging from neutral to brilliant colors that are designed especially to enhance the eyes and add color with long-lasting wear. The twelve shades in one palette are easy to mix and match and help to create subtle looks during the day and amp it up at night. The eyeshadow has a mix of shimmer and satin finishes and is soft and pigmented that easily blend and easy-to-use. The colors in the eyeshadow can either be individually used for a natural, subtle look or blended for a more intense look. This eyeshadow palette features a range of neutrals and rich colors that are ideal for creating a beautiful eye.  

Distinguish Features

The eyeshadow palette of L.A. Color is a makeup essential because it makes applying makeup an effortless task. No matter, whether a woman is looking for a simple look for a normal day or desires to create a glamorous look, this eyeshadow palette is ideal for one and all. This is a great eyeshadow palette to own, as it can be easily used to produce a multitude of looks. Some of the notable features of this eyeshadow include:  

  • Cruelty-free
  • Easily blendable
  • Highly pigmented
  • Smooth application
  • 12 shades in one, easy to carry palette
  • Matte and shimmer eyeshadows
  • Comes with an eyeshadow applicator

How to Use

Make use of the eyeshadow brush to properly apply the eyeshadow because applying will become simple and easier. Women should use a medium shade to the eyelid and should apply a darker shade from above the crease to below the brow. Proper blending will provide a natural look and to create a dramatic look they should apply a lighter shade just under the eyebrow and a darker shade in the outer corner of the lid. With the help of a liner brush, darker shades should be applied along the top and bottom lash line. To further accentuate the glamorous look, women should apply the shimmer shade to the center of their eyelids. The eyeshadow should be seamlessly blended and women should use a darker shade in the crease, and a lighter shade along the brow bone and inner corner of the eye. Smooth and velvety shades easily glide onto the eyelids for an array of looks.