Eyelashes and where to get them in Kenya?

Eyelashes or Lashes are the short strands of hairs that grow at the edges of your eyelids. On average, humans have 75 to 80 lashes on the bottom eyelid. And for the upper eyelid, we have 90 to 160 lashes. Our eyelashes grow at 0.12 to 0.14 mm per day till they reach their optimum length of 12mm or less. Post the growth, they fall out on their own.

Eyelashes and its Growth

The fullness of one’s eyelashes as well as their length depends on their genetics. There is a medical condition called eyelash trichomegaly characterized by eyelash length extending beyond 12mm. It is a symptom of an underlying condition. In such cases, people must trim their eyelashes to avoid any vision interference.

Curls in Eyelashes

Everyone’s eyelashes curve to some degree. The curl is determined by the cells that affect whether a person’s hair is straight or curly. Therefore, it is deduced that people with curly hair have eyelashes with a dramatic curl, whereas people with straight hair have straighter eyelashes.

Lash Pulling: Good or Bad?

If you remove your eyelashes forcefully by pulling or rubbing, it will take around eight weeks for the eyelashes to grow back. In case you pull your eyelashes consistently, then it can traumatize your lash follicle and prevent further growth.

False Eyelashes at Beauty Bliss

If you want people to attend to your eyes, you can begin by wearing the amazing collection of false Eyes Lashes at the Beauty Bliss. As the leading cosmetic dispenser in Kenya, Beauty Bliss Eyelashes works as a great alternative to Mascara. This is good for women who don’t like wearing mascara or are allergic to it. Our false eyelashes give volume and length to your natural ones. They are easy to put on and remove, and you can reuse them.

LA Color Eyelashes

How to apply False Eyelashes?

You can begin by measuring the falsies as per your eyelids’ length to ensure they fit. You can place the strip of full eyelashes onto your upper lashes line. Thereafter, you can use a small scissor to cut out the outer edge part of the lash that doesn’t fit. If you get the right measurement, then you can apply the eyelash glue to the strip. Let it dry until a sticky texture is achieved on the lids. Thereafter, apply the full eyelashes to your natural lash line by putting them close.

How to apply Eyelashes for better reusability?

Beauty Bliss provides you with a quick guide to take your false lashes to their prolonged use. Firstly, remove the remaining glue from your false eyelash band before casing them away. For this, you can use tweezers, and then gently strip off the excess glue. This must be done to keep your false lashes soft. If you are using mascara over your false lashes, then you can apply the mascara first and dry it before putting eyelashes on. After removal, you must save your eyelashes from dust.

LA Color Eyelashes at Beauty Bliss

At Beauty Bliss, you will find LA Colors Eyelashes. These lashes come in a case designed for storage on days when not in use. Such cases keep your lashes dust-free, soft, and in the best shape. Some of our famed Eyelash products are as follows:

  • LA Colors Dramatilash Lash Deluxe False Eyelash Kit: This Deluxe False Eyelash Kit transforms your eyelashes from ordinary to extraordinary with lash adhesive as a bonus.
  • LA Colors False Eyelash Kit: This Eyelash Kit imparts an extraordinary look by transforming your eyelashes with the application of easy-to-apply, light, and reusable eyelashes. It gives the perfect final touch to your lash look.