Nail Collection with Beauty Bliss

Time to peek in at New Year’s Designer Nail Collection with Beauty Bliss

With the New Year come new trends, styles and fashion in the market, which needs to be followed ASAP? And knowing your love for beautiful and innovative nail art, the Beauty Bliss experts are all set to aid you. Keeping in mind the available products in our nail collection, these experts have brought you many new and innovative designs. Come, explore them and flaunt this year- 

Sparkly Nail Art: Paint all your nails in white nail paint. Now, take a chunky glitter nail polish that has 2-3 colours of glitter in them and a tiny sponge piece. Apply the glitter nail polish on the sponge and dab it on the tip of the nails. Reapply the glitter on the sponge and redo the same as we want to achieve a chunky glitter look. Once done, let it dry nicely. Your chunky and funky nail art is ready. This nail art not only looks artistry but also, gives a feel of a freshly done nail from an expensive salon. The result will shock you and save you tons of money, as it will look like a job done by a professional. 

Drag Marble Nail Art: Marble nails are in trend for a couple of years now, but this one looks like the galaxy and marble, both in one. Take a pearl white nail polish shade, followed by silver glitter and Fuschia pink. Begin with painting the pinky finger, index finger and thumb in pink colour and coat them with silver sparkle nail polish, followed by painting the remaining two in pearl white. Now, take a plastic sheet and make stripes of all three nail paints twice. Take a painting or makeup brush, and mix the stripes a little. Dab the pigment on the brush and then on the white nails, and repeat till they are fully covered. Once all the fingers are done, finish the look with transparent nail polish for long-time wear and a smooth finish. All of this is available under Beauty Bliss’s nail collection. 

Traditional Tinkle: Nothing can beat the beauty of classic red nails. But, this time to make them pretty gorgeous, pair them with gold glitter nail colour. For this one, start painting all your nails in red. Apply twice if required and let it dry thoroughly. Further, take a piece of torn sponge (probably thumbnail size) and hold it with a plucker, followed by brushing a layer of golden nail colour. With this, move ahead and dab the sponge on your fingernail. The trick here is to dab the sponge on some parts of the nails and avoid covering all the nails with golden glitter. Once done and dusted, finish off the look with a clear nail paint coat. 

Sunset Bloom: One of the easiest yet coolest nail art to try on this season is this one. Take pink, orange and yellow nail polishes from the LA Colors nail collection available on the website and begin painting all the nails with pink first. Furthermore, take a sponge piece and swatch pink, orange, and yellow (in this order only) on it. Now, dab this on your nails, and you will see an hombre effect. Make the upper surface smooth by topping it with a clear coat only after the earlier ones have all dried. And there you have your pretty sunset bloom nail art without spending thousands on nail extensions or a nail salon visit. 

All this nail art looks like a job done by a professional and saves you money and time. You can reach out to our website Beauty Bliss for the best deals on our nail collection at the best price from the rest.