L.A. Colors Nail Lacquer

Ace these Trendy Nail Arts with L.A. Colors Nail Lacquer

Some things never get out of fashion. In fact, with each passing day, the market is coming up with new nail art trends that you can try on your own. Create as many nail arts as you want to with L.A. Colors Nail Lacquer and see how magnificent the outcome you will get. Come; try with Beauty Bliss experts these astonishing nail arts- 

L.A. Colors Nail Lacquer

Minimal with Colors- Such nail arts are not only easy, but they make you look chique and top-class. All you need is a clear or nude base coat followed by a dash of colour nail paint swipe on one edge of your nail. Once dried, apply a clear coat to lock the nail art. 

A New Ombre- Get five different shades from the same family of L.A. Colors Nail Lacquer and create an ombre that will never fail. On each nail, apply a base coat for ultra protection, followed by any nail colour from the five available. When one hand is done, move to another one and apply the same colour to the corresponding nails. This nail art is quite easy yet eye-catchy. 

Bling it Up- A little bling never kills anybody, and if you are making nails for a party or another celebratory occasion, then such nails are a great catch. Apply a base coat and let it dry. Once done, apply any shade of glitter you have. Apply at least two coats and seal it for a long-lasting effect with clear nail paint. 

Embellish it Cute- If you aim to look cute yet classy, try this nail art for once. All you need is to apply a nude or transparent L.A. Colors Nail Lacquer and wait till it dries up. Now take a shimmery nail paint, and apply it from the inside part to half of your nails. And on the remaining half, stick embellishments like pearl stones, rhinestones, etc. You can apply a couple of embellishments or fill up half of the nail with a cluster of rhinestones. 

Go Metallic- Metallic nails are in-trend again, so why not give them a try? Grab your favourite metallic shade and apply it to your nails. This simple yet enticing nail colour will do much more than you think. There is mica powder available at various e-commerce platforms, which if rubbed on nails, gives a metallic feel. These nails look stunning and well put together. 

All these nail arts are the trends of 2022, and we believe you found them easy to try. Just order your favourite L.A. Colors Nail Lacquer and play with them on your nails with these ideas. You can also check out our past blogs on nail art ideas to try at home and make the most of it. Keep visiting the same space for more such fun nail art and ideas. Beauty Bliss experts are always ready to help you get in the latest trends!

LA Girl Professional Salon Nail Lacquer

Go Vegan with LA Girl Professional Salon Nail Lacquer!

Having cruelty-free cosmetics is such a rage in today’s time that none of us wants to ignore it. The emergence of knowledge and information on how innocent animals are used to test cosmetic products worldwide has led many kind-hearted people to go vegan. And by adopting this trait, people are ready to invest in vegan and cruelty-free brands. Seeking the opportunity for a positive change, brands like LA Girl have come forward with their vegan cosmetic range. And LA Girl Professional Salon Nail Lacquer falls under that.

LA Girl Professional Salon Nail Lacquer

Beauty Bliss understands the need of the hour, and that is why we took charge of offering you brands having cruelty-free products. So, now that we have this nail lacquer range available on our online store. Let us give you a gist on some easy vegan nail art ideas to try this season.

Floral Nails- Who does not love some floral touch to their nails? Get floral nail art done at your home using LA Girl Professional Salon Nail Lacquer, a floral washi tape, and clear nail polish. To begin with, clean your nail with a wet tissue and apply the nail polish to your thumb and first two fingers. Let it dry and apply a second coat for a rich finish. Now take the washi tape, stick it on the remaining two nails and cut it as per your nail size. Using a toothpick, fix its corners and apply clear nail polish to all the nails. Voila, your nails are set to jazz and bloom all day long.

Ombre Nails- Another one of the most prominent and loved nail art is a gradient or ombre nails. Pick two to three shades of either one colour of LA Girl Professional Salon Nail Lacquer or go for contrasting colours. Oh, and yes, you will need a small piece of damp sponge for this nail art. Take the damp sponge (so that it does not absorb your nail colour) and make a strip of the colours on it (vertically or horizontally, whichever you prefer). If you have taken shades from the same colour family, then place nail colours in ascending or descending order as per their shade. Now, pick this sponge piece and stamp it on your nails. Do the same with all the other nails, and then apply a final coat of clear nail lacquer after the nail polish dries out. The result would be mesmerizing!

These two nail arts are worth a try. They are not only easy to try and get positive results, but they also give a professional-like nail impression. So, get ready to collect compliments from people around you and grab LA Girl Professional Salon Nail Lacquer from Beauty Bliss today! We offer a variety of LA Girl cosmetics other than nail colours at prices never seen before. So, what are you waiting for? Add your favorites to the cart and order today!