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We at Beauty Bliss believe that the eyes are the window to a person’s soul. So, for every makeup person, it becomes crucial to accentuate their eyes to make them a window worth looking at. The eyes are also believed to be the most prominent focal point on our faces. For these reasons, we suggest you enhance your look with Beauty Bliss with our range of eye makeup products. We offer all kinds of eyewear, such as eyeliners, false eyelashes, mascara, eye primers, etc., all of which are detailed in the following section.

Eye Makeup Products at Beauty Bliss

Beauty Bliss is an eye makeup products online retailing shop in Kenya with a whole range of makeup products, such as the following:


Eyebrows add the eyelids with a boundary to apply colorful eyeshadow. If you prefer shaping your brows, then the eyebrows are good to go. You can have these eye makeup products easily from Beauty Bliss, as we are the only dispenser in the market now.

Eyeshadow Blender Brush

For an eyeshadow enthusiast, you will need good quality eyeshadow blender brushes. Therefore, we suggest you get your hands on LA Colors brushes. These brushes are of the finest quality and density for our eye makeup range.


Eyeliners are to give our eyes the most defined outlining. You can get your hands on one of the finest eyeliners, such as LA Colors liquid/pencil eyeliner. These eyeliners have great intensity. You can have a perfect too simple to bold look with the LA colors eyeliners.

Eye Primer

To get a good eyeshadow finish, we suggest you always apply a primer underneath, to keep your eyeshadows intact on the eyelid. A primer does not make clusters on the crease area. For a great collection of primers along with other eye makeup products, purchase Beauty Bliss.


With your eye primer application sorted, use eyelids with the color of your outfit. They provide a diva look for your wherever looks. At Beauty Bliss, we have a range of eyeshadows from the LA Colors, such as the following:

  • Spark Eyeshadow
  • Glittering Starlet Eyeshadow
  • Compact Eyeshadow
  • 12-Colour Eyeshadow
  • 5-Colour Matte Eyeshadow

So, pick your favorite eye makeup from Beauty Bliss at the best price.

False Eyelashes

After shaping your brows, priming your eyelids, and doing other things on your eyes, it is time to settle the look with false eyelashes, which will accentuate your eyes in the best possible way, giving them a fuller look.


You can now complete your eye makeup with our volumizing as well as lengthening LA Colors Mascara.

Beauty Bliss is a prominent eye makeup products online shop in Kenya with the most authentic and quality products for you. So, meet your eye makeup pangs with our range of products.


Beauty Bliss Eye Cosmetics

Why choose Beauty Bliss for Eye Makeup Products in Kenya?

Beauty Bliss is one of the most reputed eye makeup products online shops in all of Kenya. As an authorized seller of LA Color and LA Girl products, Beauty Bliss offers makeup products at unbelievable prices, with the provision of discount coupons, sales, etc., to make your purchase easier in your pockets. We make your makeup shopping more economical. Stay tuned for more updates, and purchase your favorite eye makeup from Beauty Bliss as and when required.


What are some essential tips for achieving flawless eye makeup?

Tips for achieving flawless eye makeup are:

  • Using an eye primer with better-chosen blending tools
  • Choose basic Eyeshades and take time to color your eyelashes
  • Contour your eyes, and add a wing
  • Finish it with a Mascara

Which eye makeup products should beginners start with?

The beginners must start with basic shades to pull off an everyday look, such as the following:

  • A thin Eye Liner
  • Mascara to effect
  • Eye Primer to set the base

How can I make my eyes pop with makeup?

Here are the following ways in which you can make your eyes pop up:

  • A toned eyeliner to brighten your eyes
  • An Eyelash Curler to accentuate your lashes
  • Coat sheer colors on your eyes for an instant pop
  • Experiment with colored eyeliner
  • Add heat to the lid look with a statement eye
  • Brighten the under-eye nearby
  • Use Eyeshadow instead of Highlighter

What are the latest eye makeup trends for this season?

The one with the most buzz is a toned liner. It is a trendy, bold, non-flashy, and customizable eye care product, featuring traditional black/brown eyeliner on the eyelid. You can have a different color on the bottom lid. People usually go for a bold primary color or a softer pastel shade.

What are the best techniques for creating a smokey eye look?

One of the best techniques is to blend a matte and mid-tone neutral shade over your eyelid. This will create an unmatchable base. All you have to do is apply a matte, dark-tone shadow to your eye’s outer corners which will pack the color at your lash line. You can then blend it upwards or outwards with a fluffy brush for smoothening any harsh lines, if any.

How do I choose the right eyeshadow colors to complement my eye shape and color?

The right color can be subjective. We will take a specific case to explain. For instance, the ideal eyeshadow color for the brown eyes can be neutral. But warm shades such as bronze and salmon bring them out beautifully. In case you have hazel eyes, then you can opt for a host of colors such as warm pinks, browns, greens, and blues. For deep dark eyes, you can opt for rich pigments, or bold shades like silver, or black color.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when applying eye makeup?

These are some of the common eye makeup mistakes that are making you look older:

  • Applying a dark eyeliner
  • Skipping your eyebrows or lining the waterline
  • Using the wrong concealer or heavy eyeliner
  • Not using Primer or powder eyeshadow
  • Using heavy glitter

Can anyone recommend affordable yet high-quality eye makeup brands?

In Kenya, the only high-quality eye makeup brand is Beauty Bliss. As an authorized seller of LA Color and LA Girl products, Beauty Bliss offers makeup products at unbelievable prices, with the provision of discount coupons, sales, etc., to make your purchase easier in your pockets.

What’s the best way to remove eye makeup without damaging my lashes and skin?

You can soak a cotton swab in jojoba or other effective oil to break up eye makeup along the eyelashes. Then you must gently wipe away the makeup while not breaking your lashes.

How can I achieve a long-lasting eye makeup look for special occasions?

For a long-lasting eye-makeup look, you can use a dedicated primer for eye-makeup, as it helps keep the following in place:

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Cream Blush
  • Bronzer
  • Highlighter

An eye primer can help your eye makeup last all day.


5 Mascara Mistakes to Avoid in Your Make up Journey

Since there is least talked about the mascara application, everyone thinks that its application is simple which is actually not the case. There are many unknown mistakes that we commit with mascara application which are described along with their hacks. Read on to know more about how to master the art of Mascara application over time by avoiding these mistakes.

  • Incorrect application: Mascara application is not as simple as it seems. Contrary to the belief that this product can be applied by simply swiping a little product on your lashes, it requires precision to add that drama and volume which completes the look. It is important to wiggle the wand right from the base reaching to tips of your lashes. This way the lashes get completely coated with the product to avail right kind of drama and that desired look.
  • Applying waterproof formula on a daily basis: This is one of the most common mistakes committed by women. Agreeing to the fact that waterproof mascaras last longer and are smudge-proof, but their application must be restricted only when exposed to water or want to get ready for a beach day. Regular application of such waterproof formula will eventually dry out your lashes which will make them weak and fall out over time.
  • Curling lashes post mascara application: It is quite a stress on the lashes when those are curled after mascara application. Since the lashes are wet, they tend to stick to the eyelash curler ad can often get pulled out in the process. Also, additionally if you have completed your eye makeup, there might be a risk when you can ruin your make up in the attempt of curling your lash.

L.A Colors Mascara

  • Sharing the product: This stands true for almost every cosmetic product but eye makeup, especially mascara, is something that should never be shared. When you apply mascara, your wand or mascara brush catches bacteria from your lashes, which will get transferred on second person usage. This continuous deposition of bacteria can lead to eye infections which can be transferred back to the person you are sharing it with.
  • Not cleaning the brush: Last but not the least, after each application, you should wipe the brush. Mascaras wands are designed in a way that they often lift more product that actually needed. This end up making the lashes look really clumpy and messy. It is always wise to wipe the excess product off on a tissue before applying it on the lashes to achieve the add the required length and volume.
LA Colors Mascara

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Mascara

Mascara is the simplest yet confusing make up essential in your vanity. As a matter of fact, many women fail to recognize the features that sets a good mascara apart from a cheap one. Since it is an absolute essential, it has a great deal of contribution in defining the eye frame which works as a boon for the overall eye makeup.


Women love those defined and dark eyelashes that brighten their faces, rejuvenate the look and make the eyes stand out. LA Colors Mascara is created to lengthen and define lashes which spreads the product evenly in the center of the lashes while the lashes get lesser deposit of the product. Some of the factors that you need to consider while buying a high quality mascara such as LA Colors Mascara are outlined below:

  • Ease of application: The first thing that its structure and ease in your hands. Buying a mascara that has a big wand can make it tough to handle. Buy one that is easy to handle and comfortable wand so there is no risk to eye pokes resulting in highly defined lashes presenting a dramatic and sensuous look.
  • Stay: Next important factor is if its lasting stay on your lashes. A mascara with high quality ingredients proves to be much more reliable in holding color and length to the lashes. Also make sure that the cosmetic product is free from damaging preservatives like parabens which often work to sustain the longevity of the mascara but can have a bad impact on the skin. Applying the mascara on skin for longer hours can risk the skin if the ingredients in a mascara are harmful. A mascara as good as LA Colors Mascara is safe to be used on skin which contains peptide to encourage lash growth and work on their strengthening.
  • Easy to remove: Next factor is its easy removal. Buy a mascara which can come off easily. Nothing is worse than rubbing your eyes and damaging the lashes in the attempt of removing the makeup. When it is tough to remove the mascara, it can be hardly damaging to your eyes. High quality mascara does not smudge but at the same time does not stay rigidly on the lashes. It is treat to apply as well as to take off easily.
  • Quick dry: Buying a mascara which can dry quickly can save you minutes. Everyone loves a product which can be applied and dry in an instant without waiting around. Such mascara allows you the time to apply more coats and sets you free to go about with your day by setting in its place in a few seconds after the application.
  • Good formulation: Importantly, buy a mascara which does not look clumpy and contains emollient moisturizer from olives to impart you a fully covered look. It covers the lashes from roots to tips. Buy a mascara that is created to nurture and enhance your lashes.

Check out premium quality cosmetic products here.


Add Eyeliner, Mascara, and Eyeshadow to your Vanity from Beauty Bliss

Eyes have always been that part of any makeup look, which needs to be on point. And without having a good bunch of such products, you can never reach that level. So, to have the best eye makeup collection, you need to visit and explore Beauty Bliss, where we have a collection of high-end eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow palettes, etc., at the most affordable price. Below, our expert makeup artists have shared their recommendations that will help you plan the apt makeup vanity- 

Color Me Beautiful Automatic Long-Lasting Eyeliner- Best for beginners and professionals, this eyeliner is enriched with the goodness of aloe vera and chamomile that gives an extra smooth finish. This product is a water-proof, easy-gliding, creamy formula that lasts longer than ever.Color Me Beautiful Automatic Long Lasting EyelinerFlori Roberts Hot Kohl Eye Pencil- Another brand with another kohl pencil that is great quality and long-lasting too. It is a perfect pick to curate effects around the eye and makes it look beautiful. You can make it bold to get the smouldering, soft, and natural look that you need. The eye pencil has zero side effects and works perfectly on sensitive eyes.Flori Roberts Hot Kohl Eye PencilLA Girl Endless Auto Eyeliner- Black is always the colour that everyone owes, but to keep your makeup vanity more colorful, this eyeliner in many shades is for you. This is a semi-permanent eyeliner that comes in various colours. So, grab all that you like or get all. These shades give you the leverage to make your eye looks different from what you created yesterday. These eyeliners are priced wisely, which makes them a hit among youngsters. 

LA Girl Endless Auto Eyeliner

LA Colors Double Volume Mascara- Mascara makes a great way of accentuating our eyelashes. We need not wear fake eyelashes regularly when good quality mascara is applied to them. Get this one that does an impeccable job and gives you bushy eyelashes. Its dual finish gives volume to light lashes, and the outcome seems natural. LA Colors Double Volume Mascara

LA Colors Eyeliner/Brow Pencil Twin Pack with Sharpener- What is better than a combo of eyeliner and brow pencil, both in one? This combo is a money-saver as while defining your brows perfectly with the brow pencil, you get to give life to your eyelids too with the eyeliner. The combo is handy and apt for your on-the-go road trips, dinner dates, etc., makeup looks.

LA Colors Eyeliner/Brow Pencil Twin Pack with sharpenerLA Girl Gel Liner Kit- Gel liner kit has rich pigmentation and creamy texture, enabling you a precise eye lining. The fine eyeliner comes with a precision brush that makes the job quite easy. This is the perfect pick for your daily eyeliner needs and is quite economical. You can get a smoky and dramatic eye look effortlessly with this one. 

LA Girl Gel Liner Kit

LA Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow- Bright and metallic eye shadow colours are quiet today. The palette has such a pretty colour option available, which looks stunning on every single person. You can create many looks out of one palette and look gorgeous wherever you go. This palette goes a long way, as a little pigment is enough to fill up the eyelid fully. LA Colors 5 Color Metallic EyeshadowLoose Mineral Eyeshadow- If colour bombing is your thing, then nothing is better than Flori Robert’s loose mineral eyeshadow. Grab it in the shade you like and practice an eye look that will make you appear a standout among others. The amount of innovative makeup look you see today is only possible due to such exclusive eyeshadow colours in the market.

Loose Mineral EyeshadowSo, grab an eyeliner, mascara, kohl, etc., only from Beauty Bliss at the best price available today.

Eye Makeup Products

Get your Hands on the Best Eye Makeup Products from Beauty Bliss

Eye makeup is for sure one of the most prominent parts of any makeup ritual. Bad eye makeup ruins the whole look, and nothing can fix it. Thus, getting your hands on the correct products is crucial. Especially during this festive season, when you’ll be attending dinners and party’s one after the other, you need to ace your makeup game. Beauty Bliss experts help you with the most crucial aspects of eye makeup products to make it look flawless- 

Eye Primer- The most prominent job of an eye primer is to nourish your eyelids perfectly and give you a smooth surface to apply makeup afterwards. It does not necessarily need to be an eye primer; a face primer will also do the job. Just make sure to use a good quantity of it and spread it evenly. 

Eyeshadow- Now, this is one thing that is tough to get your hands on and at the same time, quite fun to play with. Whatever eye shadow palette you take, start building it up with the lightest shade from the top, taking it as the base. Then go a tone high in the middle, and lastly, the darkest eyeshadow shade towards the eyelashes. This series needs to begin from the upper to the lower side. Blend all three nicely and beautifully. The result might also stun you if the colour selection is wise. 

Highlighter- Who says highlighters are only meant for cheekbones to get that sheen? To make your eye look festive-ready and otherwise too, a tint of highlighter in the inner corner of your eyelid makes the eye look wide open and beautiful. And a perfect highlighter that will make you look ecstatic will be LA Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder. 

Eyeliner- Now, once the eyeshadow and highlighting part is done, move ahead with a precision eyeliner that will complete your eye makeup. To begin with, get a product that you are used to and works gliding smoothly for you. And if you are looking to experiment and want to go beyond regular eyeliner, then grab an eyeliner pen. It works similarly to a sketch pen, gives quite a precise lining, and is easy to handle. We have many such eyeliners from top brands available under our eye makeup products range. 

Mascara- To top all this up, a good quality mascara is all you need. Grab one that volumizes your natural lashes while also lengthening them so that you can enjoy the party without trouble. We all know that fake eyelashes put weight on our eyelids, and if the same goes for a long time, it impacts the nature of natural lashes. So, get mascara from brands like Flori Roberts, LA Colors, and LA Girl etc., from the website and get desired lashes. 

All these eye makeup products complete your eye look and make you festive-ready. You can get all this and many other things from Beauty Bliss at the best price in the market.

LA Girl Mascara

Go for Bold N Attractive Eyes with the L.A Girl Mascara

The eyes are the most important part of any face. As you take makeup for your eyes, you look different. As you define your eyes, your whole personality and physical gesture changes. Modern women take maximum care for eyes and their makeup. It’s good news that top-quality eye makeup products are available online now.

While doing your eye makeup, your eyebrows, eye rims, and eyelashes must receive equal attention. It is in this context that good quality makeup colors like LA Girl Mascara can make crucial contributions. This brand of mascara is one of the most admired brands in the world. It is equally popular in Kenya too.

Add volume to your eyes

Dark pigments used on your lashes can add loads of volume to your eyes. They give a full and voluptuous look to your eyes by accentuating the lashes and giving a thoroughly glamorous look to your eyes. The dark pigment of the LA Girl Mascara is perfect for the purpose. A single stroke is enough to add incredible drama to your eyes and give a glamorous look to your face.

Compact and effective

Modern makeup offered by the best cosmetics brands is developed based on understanding the requirements of the modern woman. In the current times, women are looking for cosmetic products which are safe and easy in terms of application and have a long-lasting effect. All of this is brought into the products of the LA Girl Mascara. The package of the mascara is also rather compact and cute. It can be easily fitted into your bag. All you must do is take it out and add a dash of color as and when needed to have those well-defined eyes.

Apt for every occasion

The product is apt for any occasion. Whether it is your normal office, a sudden date with friends or a romantic evening date – the product can be used on any occasion to define your eyes. However, depending upon the nature of the occasion you can intensify the look by adding some more coats of mascara to have those especially seductive eyes. On lighter occasions, a single dash of the pigment will serve the purpose.

Safe for your eyes

These days’ buyers happen to be super aware. They are not just looking for products that can make them look good but also the ones that will protect their eyes and skin and will keep their eyes and skin healthy in the longer run. This is why modern cosmetic brands like LA Colors Mascara are paying close attention to the aspect of the quality of their products. The eyelash pigment that is talking about is of very high quality. It happens to be safe even if it is being worn for long hours. Apart from being water resistant, it is also very gentle on your eyes and eyelashes. You can use it without any worry at all.

Buy LA Girl & LA Colors Mascara online on Beauty Bliss. It is convenient and cost-effective. You can order online and get the product delivered to your doorstep.

eye makeup products

Get the Eye Game Perfect with Eye Primer, Eyeliner, and More!

Whether you are a newbie or a professional makeup artist, getting perfect eye makeup is all we look forward to. From using an eyeliner pencil to eye primer, all of it seems intimidating. And to tackle this situation we require due attention to learn the techniques and tricks. Going up with only eyeliner application implies volunteering an infinite loop of application, evaluation, clearing, and reapplication.

Most people find using eyeliner pencils tricky. And to make sure you have the least troublesome time applying eyeliner, apply an eye primer as a base followed by eyeshadow, and finally eyeliner that your hands can control; and your eyes are comfortable with. So, scratch away your thought of not being able to apply the eyeliner in a single stroke because it is possible now!

Below we have shared the easiest technique for eyeliner application after you are done with eye primer and other eye makeup-

Well, before you go ahead to experiment with an eyeliner pencil on your eyes on the first go, wait and take a deep breath. Now, put your elbow on a steady surface and start applying the eyeliner to it. Practice twice, thrice or more until your hands stop shivering. This pro-tip will help you avoid any goof-ups. Once done, follow the below points of application-

Step 1- Whether you are applying liner for the 1st time or the 100th time, make sure you prep your eyes like you prep your face and lips. Cleanse it properly and dab some eye primer on it. It helps in smoothing down the texture of our eyelids. Plus, it provides your eyes with an extra layer of protection.

Step 2- Now; begin the eyeliner application with tiny steps, i.e., making small strokes on the upper lash line. Focus on keeping the strokes close to the lash line; otherwise, you will require more work to fill up this space.

Step 3- While you reach the end of your eye, softly upward the eyeliner towards the brow bone and leave. This act will create a slight angular tip of your eyeliner.

Step 4- Let it dry and apply another layer on top of the earlier one to assure it stays intact for a long time. Also, if anything does not look perfect to you, fret not. Do not clean it wet; let it dry and then take some makeup remover on a cotton bud and correct your mistake.

Isn’t it simple? Yeah, we know, it is until you try it. But these steps will help you achieve perfect winged eyeliner. Once you begin applying it regularly, your skills will get furnished and make you a pro in liner application.

So, now all you need is good eyeliner, which is available at Beauty Bliss at the most suitable price. Visit the website to buy one and give your eyes a branded glam with eyeliner.

LA Colors Mascara

Watch-out for These Mascara Mistakes that Ruin Your Lashes

Mascara is one of the most underplayed parts of make-up. Highlighting the shades of your eyes, imparting them optimum length and perfection, LA Colors Mascara is one of the most sorted picks offered by https://beautybliss.co.ke/. As a leading online beauty store, it presents an enthralling range of cosmetics that is suited for all skin types. Hosting some of the popular cosmetic brands with an assortment of eye and skin products, you can gain access to great discounts and deals at Beauty Bliss.

LA Colors Mascara

Mascara is a multipurpose beauty product, which works on lengthening, defining or curl enhancing your eyelashes. It is non-negotiable additions to a beauty kit and often a part of regular makeup routine. While its right application can bring great make up results, women often complain of annoying stains on their eyelids or of clumpy lashes. Such can happen due to lack of awareness regarding some mistakes that we unknowingly commit with our mascara application. Read on to know more about these mistakes and ways to fix them:

LA Colors Double Volume Mascara

  • One product for all: As a common mistake, avoid using single mascara for all-purpose lash make over. It is not advised to use a single wand for lengthening, thickness and volume. Layering is the best way to get defined perfect lashes. Using LA Colors Mascara, apply a coat of mascara on both the lashes and leave it to dry. This must be followed by lamenting to provide incredibly defined dramatic eyelashes.
  • Do not curl after: Always curl your lashes before applying the mascara and not after. An eyelash curler is however, a must as it sculpts the lashes and gives them a lift. Always curl before the application to get those long and lush lashes.
  • Do not forget the concealer: From the book of makeup artists, always prime and conceal your eyelids using a waterproof concealer before the mascara application. This will save you from committing the biggest mascara blunder, which will result in smudgy eyelids as soon as the mascara dries up. Also, make sure you wait for a couple of seconds before you open your eyes to avoid staining.
  • Applying too much: Applying too much will not make any different except it will take away the natural lash look. Always carry less mascara on the wand and ensure that the clumped up formula on the tip of the wand is cleaned to avoid stains on the inner corner of your eyes. With LA Colors Mascara, you will surely get clump-free lashes in no time.
  • Hard pumping the wand: As a pro tip, always avoid pumping the mascara wand in and out from the bottle. This ensures that the formula dries up more quickly. Always twist the wand gently in a circular motion and pick the formula in the apt quantity.

Flori Roberts Luxe Lash Mascara

Be mindful of avoiding all the above listed mistakes along with ensuring that you buy the best quality mascara from Beauty Bliss. Check out our fast selling LA Colors Mascara at Beauty Bliss for a great addition to your cosmetic box.

LA Colors Mascara

Mascara: A Quintessential Part of Your Make-up

Beauty Bliss is the best beauty shop in Kenya which displays topmost cosmetic brands. Some of the most distinguished offerings include L.A Colors Mascara and L.A Girl Mascara which are best selling items. As per the stats, wherein every woman wear mascara on a day to day basis. Every woman fails to imagine their lives without a good mascara and is an integral part of their make-up routine.

A woman might drop off wearing lipstick or foundation but mascara never goes out of fashion. Even though it doesn’t show as much as applying bronzer and highlighter, but still adds a great value in enhancing the overall look of eyes. Simply put, the question still sustains why should we wear mascara?

In fact there are plenty of reasons, one being naturally non-painted eyes eyelashes do not look very attractive. Also, in case one has light eyelashes, they tend to wear as invisible look as possible. Even this does not stop from the owners of long and beautiful eyelashes from applying mascara.

L.A Colors Mascara and L.A Girl Mascara offered by Beauty Bliss work on emphasizing and uplifting the makeup imparting a smart and dramatic look to the eyes. Mascara is basically used to create perfectly coated lashes that bestow a smart frame to make the eyes look deeper and much more enhanced beautiful. The quality of L.A Girl Mascara is superior which aims to darken, lengthen, thicken and curl the eyelashes.

Tips to Apply L.A Colors Mascara

While it might appear that applying a mascara is no big deal but its application indeed matters a lot since incorrect application can lead to clumpy eyelashes. The quality of LA Colors Mascara is superior which do not stick eyelashes, avoid loading them, refrain from creating flake and do not smudge on the eyelids. What more can you ask?

Before you apply the mascara, make sure that you coat the eyelash with a serum or oil since strong and elastic false eyelashes are easier to work with, which do not fall out and do not limit the effect. Another important question is that which mascara must be chosen?

After getting review from multiple users, women agree to the fact that mascaras with a silicone brush are considered as best. This mascara type is velvety in consistency, and not at all dense or flowy and can be easily applied covering each eyelash separately. Additionally, it also contains nourishing ingredients while being durable which is a good option only for special events.

The mascara is easy to apply so as to keep the brush parallel to eyelash line covering it with the zigzag movement by making swift movement to the left and right along with turning it up and down. This helps in separating the eyelashes while applying the right amount of the LA Colors Mascara product. A maximum of two thick coats are enough to impart that great look to the eyes. Applying additional coats can create a caricatural effect. You can place your order at https://beautybliss.co.ke/.