LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliners at Beauty Bliss

When one asks people which makeup or cosmetic product intimidates them the most, the daunting reply will be liquid eyeliner. An eyeliner is a form of a viscous liquid is a liquid eyeliner. One can find numerous videos and articles on the internet to learn the application of Liquid Eyeliners. You will see that most of them share their stories and frustrations with the cosmetic firebrand. For them, the liquid liner is messy and hard to use. One constantly smudges and smears them while using liquid eyeliners. But if such people are provided with the right products and the right guidance, you can make liquid eyeliner one of your favorite cosmetics in your makeup arsenal.

Types of Liquid Eyeliner

There are numerous types of liquid eyeliners available in the market right now. All of them are designed for the same purpose. Any type of Liquid Eyeliner can enhance your eyes with a rich, high-pigmented color. Such liners can dry smudge-proof to last all day.  Liquid eyeliners are more precise than eyeliner pencils. This makes the cosmetic perfect for intricate eye looks and long-lasting definition which stays put all day.

The liquid eyeliner has an easy-glide application with no eye tugging or pulling. One can make the choice while selecting liquid eyeliner as on the type of applicator you use, such as the following:

  • Super-fine Brush
  • Felt-tip Pen
  1. Brush-tip Liquid Eyeliners

Brush liquid eyeliner comes in a tube. The tube contains a wand, just like in a mascara or lip gloss bottle. One has to screw into it. Here, the brush tip is kept ultra-thin. Such an applicator allows you to create multiple looks. For getting different looks, you can press softly to get a super thin line. You can also press harder to get a thicker and bolder line. If you wish to minimize the wand look, then you can wipe the brush on the liquid liner edge opening and remove any excess liner before applying it to the eyes.

With a brush eyeliner, one can make beautiful lines with it. The brush here is more flexible than a felt tip. One can create looks that are reminiscent of typical optical calligraphy on the eyes. All you have to do is dip the brush into the liner. Your brush here is always loaded to use and create a uniform look.

Liquid Eyeliner

  1. Felt-tip Liquid Eyeliners

Felt-tip liquid eyeliner is a pen-like product and it is exactly as it sounds. It is an ultra-fine permanent marker. Such a liquid liner has liquid inside the pen to feed directly into the felt-tip pen. Here, the tip can vary in length as well as flexibility. You can have a firm or a soft felt tip.

If you are a beginner, then you can opt for the felt-tip liquid eyeliner as it is much easier to use than a brush. It doesn’t separate like a brush. Such a liner can also give you a nice and neat sharp line every time.

In making up, brushes are better for swirls whereas the felt tip liners are better for straight lines

LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner at Beauty Bliss

One of the foremost eyeliner products that we sell at Beauty Bliss is the LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner. It is proud eyeliner which is water resistant. This eyeliner is specially formulated for long-lasting eyewear. With this product, the applicant can ensure precise lining with our ultra-fine brush applicator. The only thing to keep in mind while using this product is that it dries fast. But the LA eyeliners can sustain a bold finish.