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Lip Gloss is a common cosmetic used to give your lips a glossy luster. It sometimes adds subtle color to your rubies. You can classify lipgloss as a fluid or a soft solid, but not a lip balm. You can distinguish between lipglosses in terms of their visual transparency ranging from opacity to translucent. A lipgloss is created to give any of the following finishes to the lips:

  • Frosted
  • Glittery
  • Glossy
  • Metallic

Lip Stick vs. Lip Balm vs. Lip Gloss

Although all three are applied to one lip, they differ in their composition and purposes. A Lip Balm has a medical or soothing purpose. Lipstick is a solid, cream-like substance that gives a pigmented color to the lips, whereas Lipgloss is a semi-solid or fluid that gives a subtle luster to the lips, as per the reflection of the outfit.

What is a typical Lipgloss made up of?

Lipgloss is a creamy semi-solid mixture of waxes, oils, and pigments. It contains fewer pigments often diluted, as the free-flowing nature of the product requires less wax. The principal component of lipgloss is lanolin, which gives a moisturizing quality to the lips and imparts gloss.

How many types of Lip glosses are there?

Lip gloss comes in a variety of forms. It can come in a small cylinder, applied with a rounded or sloped doe foot applicator, or with a lip brush. You can get lip gloss in a small, soft, squeezable plastic tube designed to be applied with a fingertip, lip brush, or slid over the lips.

  • Basic Lip Gloss: Adds shine to the lips without color.
  • Colored Lip Gloss; Adds a combination of color and shine
  • Glittery Lip Gloss: has a glitter base with/without color(s)
  • Plumping Lip Gloss: Makes the lips appear softer and plumper
  • Lifter Glosses: A cheap, easy, and harmless alternative to collagen, Restylane, Juvederm, or Fat Injections. However, the effects are temporary


Purpose of a Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is often used when a person wants to color their lips but in a less intense manner. A solid lip color effect or a made-up look is the job of lipstick. This is not the purpose of a Lip gloss. It is an introductory to makeup. Artists use many light shimmery lip glosses in their makeup kit introductions, majorly by preteen and young teenage girls. Lip gloss looks are for young girls who want to wear makeup but are too young to wear intense colors. You can also apply lipgloss on top of lipstick to increase its gloss or add depth to its glitter gloss.

Beauty Bliss: Your Go-To Lipgloss Dispenser

If you wish to get the best-in-quality, reputable, varied lipglosses in all of Kenya, then you can definitely check out the lipgloss products at Beauty Bliss. We are an online dispenser of the best women’s cosmetic products in all of Kenya. For your reference, some of the famed Beauty Bliss lipglosses are as follows:

Some of Beauty Bliss’s famed Lip glosses

  • All-Nighter Matte Liquid Lips: It is a highly comfortable, long-wearing, and full-coverage liquid gloss. Each all-nighter matte comes with intense color that dries with a sophisticated, and long-wearing finish.
  • Flori Roberts Lip Polish: This Lip Polish is a cutting-edge gloss with high-impact hues. It leaves your lips with a super-brilliant shine.
  • High Shine Lacquer Lip Polish: The High-Shine Lacquer creates a glass-like dazzling colored shine on the lips along with moisturizing, smoothing, and protecting them. The Lacquer offers the highest shine of all lip products with its glass-like glaze finish that sure attracts attention.
  • LA Colors Jellie, Shimmer, Sparkle Lipgloss: The Jellie, Shimmer, Sparkle Lipgloss gives you a gorgeous shine without sticky lips. We recommend you treat your lips with LA Color’s amazing jelly, shimmer & sparkle lip–gloss. Their texture is truly jelly-like and it is super moisturizing, gliding smoothly on your lips making it look full and healthy.

Select Quality Lipstick for a Perfect Look

Among all the colors used for facial makeup, lip colors play a crucial role in determining the facial look. Lipstick is one of the most common and popular makeup items used worldwide. You can get a broad spectrum of choices in this category. If you are interested in exploring a never-ending array of lipstick shades, then online beauty shops are your best bet.

Huge collection of brands

Online beauty shops such as Beauty & Bliss are platforms that can offer a huge range of choices for lip color shades. You can get lip colors from some of the best beauty brands across the world on these websites. Finding such a wide collection can be difficult in retail outlets in nearby marketplaces.

Clear display of colors

If you have never bought lipstick from an online beauty store before, it is interesting to know that the process can be exciting fun, and simple. The color shades are displayed from various angles. Often the same color is displayed against different skin tones for better clarity for the buyers. However, there can be a slight differentiation in the color shades due to the light. Review the product closely before buying.

Pay attention to the texture

Lipsticks are available in different quality categories. Some of them are moist and lustrous whereas some of them are matte. Even the matte finish lipsticks are enriched with essential oils to keep your lips moisturized. While buying lip colors pay attention to these aspects as they happen to be just as important as the color of the lipstick.


Lookout for offers

While shopping for offers while buying lipsticks from online stores. Sometimes the offers and combo deals provide a combination of two or more lip colors. However, in other deals, the lip colors are combined with other makeup items. Look out for this offer and deal at the time of buying to make the most of them.

Make a collection of the best lipsticks

You must create a collection of lip colors in your makeup kit. The makeup kits of modern women should have several sheds of lipsticks selected from trusted brands. It is the simplest way through which you can add some dynamism to your wardrobe. Different colors of dresses at different times of the day and evening require different lip colors. Create a collection of lip colors from different brands to prepare for different dynamic looks.

Read well

Before you indulge in any form of lipstick shopping read all the aspects and information about the website or online store with close attention. The information will help you to shop well for lip colors.

Buy the most trusted brands

Top brands available in Kenya are all available on Beauty & Bliss. This is a remarkable advantage for women who need to use lipsticks. In fact, this trusted online seller of cosmetics has the most renowned brands in the world such as Flori Roberts, LA Colors, and LA Girls. Buy a few pieces as per your requirements. They have all categories of lipsticks to display such as Matte lipsticks, Moisture rich lipsticks, and Hydrating lipsticks.

Matte Lipstick

Tips to Flawlessly Apply Matte Lipstick Following Professional Flair

Lipstick selection is always a fun and frolic task which is closely followed by the art of impeccable application. Talking specifically about the variety and shade selection in matte lipstick, is one of the leading online cosmetic portals that presents a plethora of buying options. You will find listings from various brands within distinct price range that is sure to suit your style, preference and budget.

Matte lipstick collection is a rage among women of all age groups. But only a few has mastered the art of its application. It does not require a professional makeup technique, but a simple skill to have a steady hand. Smart application of matte lipstick can change the entire game of lipstick application for you and will help you deal with spill over on the outlines. Step by step process of mastering this technique is jotted below for your happy lipstick application journey:


  • Use a good quality lip scrub: It will definitely offer you a clean canvas which will help in smooth setting of matter lipstick. Pick any an ultra-soft sugar scrub which will help gentle exfoliation of your lip skin and also benefits them with oils like acai and monoi which can moisturize your lips for smooth lipstick application.
  • Include hydration: Pick a hydrating lip balm which helps in aiding and offering lip protection. It is a must addition in your make up routine, especially if you have chapped lips. Also, you can consider the application of an overnight lip mask with occlusive coconut oil that can aid in restoring the lost moisture while you sleep.
  • Lip liners are in: A disrupted lipstick application can ruin your make up case and can also be hard to fix in certain cases. So, it is important to use a blending lip line to create that perfect outline for your lipstick application and impart a natural shape which is hard to obtain with direct lipstick application in one go.
  • Keep a Lipstick Brush handy: It is always a professional move to use lipstick brush handy to gain that extra precision. It will ensure that you apply lipstick with great precision. Also, even when you are travelling, carry a lipstick brush is a smart option. Using a small-tapered tip ensures to provide even application, especially when you are dealing with bullet lipstick which have a high tendency of giving over-lined application.
  • Apply through the Tip: As soon as you unpack a lipstick, always use the pointed edge of the applicator to make an outline before filling it in. It is a smart and a quick hack to ensure that your lip shade stays within the defined boundaries leaving behind a precise and stunning impact and look on your lips.
  • Hide your mistakes: Last but not the least, always keep a concealer handy to control the damage in time in case of uneven application. A concealer comes handy as a life savior to offer a crisp finish. Always prefer buying a thicker, full-coverage concealer to ensure that the formula stays at one place.