Why should you invest in Lipgloss?

Lipgloss is one of the favorite makeup products of women of all ages. It is a slicker and shinier tube that can give you a stunning and amazing look. With lipgloss, you can get plumper, healthier, and gorgeous looks and that is why every woman likes to keep it with them whenever they go out for work. Apart from that, it can give you soft and kissable lips and thus if you are suffering from chapped lips then you must use it for getting shiny and plumper lips.

Reasons to use Lipgloss

There are various reasons why every woman should invest in lipgloss and some of the most important reasons are given as follows:

  • It can amp up your looks: Nowadays every woman remains very busy in their life and as such they do not get enough time to do complete makeup. Lipgloss is a boon to such women as it can quickly give stunning looks in a minute and make them ready to go out without spending too much time on makeup.
  • Available in variety: You can get a variety of lipgloss in the market such as bold reds, bright pinks, metallics, etc. and you can pick as per your necessity. You can also get lipgloss in a variety of shades. In simple words, you can say that lipgloss is available for everyone. 

  • Do not dry the lips: Unlike lipsticks, lipgloss does not get dry and keeps your lip moisturized throughout the day. Hence, women who use lipgloss generally do not suffer from drying or cracking lips. Even if you use it and stay for a long time your lips will remain smooth and soft.
  • Easy to use: Lipgloss is very easy to use and you do not need liner or contour for using it. You just take your lipgloss from your bag and apply it on the lip whenever you need it. Since the lipgloss comes up with good formula it is not required to touch up or compact for setting it again and again. Thus, it is very comfortable to use as compared to lipstick or other products.
  • Inexpensive: As compared to lipstick or other cosmetic products lipgloss is inexpensive and you do not have to spend too much money for buying it. Some couple of brands manufacture lipgloss and you can pick one as per your budget. Hence, it is suitable for all women.


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Matte Lipstick

Tips to Flawlessly Apply Matte Lipstick Following Professional Flair

Lipstick selection is always a fun and frolic task which is closely followed by the art of impeccable application. Talking specifically about the variety and shade selection in matte lipstick, is one of the leading online cosmetic portals that presents a plethora of buying options. You will find listings from various brands within distinct price range that is sure to suit your style, preference and budget.

Matte lipstick collection is a rage among women of all age groups. But only a few has mastered the art of its application. It does not require a professional makeup technique, but a simple skill to have a steady hand. Smart application of matte lipstick can change the entire game of lipstick application for you and will help you deal with spill over on the outlines. Step by step process of mastering this technique is jotted below for your happy lipstick application journey:


  • Use a good quality lip scrub: It will definitely offer you a clean canvas which will help in smooth setting of matter lipstick. Pick any an ultra-soft sugar scrub which will help gentle exfoliation of your lip skin and also benefits them with oils like acai and monoi which can moisturize your lips for smooth lipstick application.
  • Include hydration: Pick a hydrating lip balm which helps in aiding and offering lip protection. It is a must addition in your make up routine, especially if you have chapped lips. Also, you can consider the application of an overnight lip mask with occlusive coconut oil that can aid in restoring the lost moisture while you sleep.
  • Lip liners are in: A disrupted lipstick application can ruin your make up case and can also be hard to fix in certain cases. So, it is important to use a blending lip line to create that perfect outline for your lipstick application and impart a natural shape which is hard to obtain with direct lipstick application in one go.
  • Keep a Lipstick Brush handy: It is always a professional move to use lipstick brush handy to gain that extra precision. It will ensure that you apply lipstick with great precision. Also, even when you are travelling, carry a lipstick brush is a smart option. Using a small-tapered tip ensures to provide even application, especially when you are dealing with bullet lipstick which have a high tendency of giving over-lined application.
  • Apply through the Tip: As soon as you unpack a lipstick, always use the pointed edge of the applicator to make an outline before filling it in. It is a smart and a quick hack to ensure that your lip shade stays within the defined boundaries leaving behind a precise and stunning impact and look on your lips.
  • Hide your mistakes: Last but not the least, always keep a concealer handy to control the damage in time in case of uneven application. A concealer comes handy as a life savior to offer a crisp finish. Always prefer buying a thicker, full-coverage concealer to ensure that the formula stays at one place.