All about Lip Liners: Where to get the best Liners in Kenya?

What are Lip Liners?

Lip Liner is also known as a lip pencil. Lip Liner is a cosmetic product intended to fill in uneven areas on your lips’ outer edges. You can apply a Lip Liner before applying lipstick to get an even shape. Lip Liner is used to outline the lips by keeping lipstick inside the lip area and thus preventing it from bleeding. You can use Lip Liner for the following purposes:

  • Suggest the illusion of larger lip size
  • Create a sharper demarcation between lips and skin
  • Make your lips stand out more

Lip Liner as a Lip Stick Alternative

You can use a Lip Liner to fill in the entire lip before applying the lipstick, whereas in some cases, you can wear it as a lip color. You will typically find Lip Liners sold in a retractable tube or a pencil form in the market. Lip Liner pencils can be sharpened.  

Shades of Lip Liners

A typical Lip Liner comes in a range of colors the same as lipsticks, such as the following:

  • Reds
  • Pinks
  • Browns
  • Plums

You must match the liner to lipstick so that its effects appear natural.  

Colorless Lip Liners


A Lip liner can also be colorless. A colorless lip liner gives the illusion of smooth lips without affecting lip color. They come in different textures. Each hard pencil can create sharp lines.

Lip Liners

What is a typical Lip Liner made of?

Most Lip Liners are composed of the following materials:

  • Waxes
  • Oils
  • Pigments

A lip liner is of firm consistency and much more deeply pigmented than lipstick. Such property makes them suitable for precision lip drawing. Typically, lip liners have more wax and pigment than oils. Japan wax is the most popular wax used in the making of lip liners.  

Lip Liners at Beauty Bliss

In Kenya, you can avail of the best and the most varied Lip Liners at Beauty Bliss. BB’s Lip Liners enhance the color of your lipstick on application, creating a perfect base for your lipstick. Our Lip Liners make applied lipstick last longer. It can also prevent lipstick from bleeding. We suggest you use a lip liner for uneven and thin lips to make your pout look fuller.

Some of our famed Lip Liner products on display on the Beauty Bliss website are as follows:

  • Flori Roberts Lip Contour Pencil: This is a slim line pencil that outlines and shapes your lip and also assists in preventing lipstick from feathering. The contour pencil contours the shape of your lips.
  • Flori Roberts Waterproof Automatic Lip Pencil: The Waterproof Lip Pencil is a retractable lip liner with intense color in a creamy, hydrating formula. The pencil glides on effortlessly and lasts all day. You can outline the lips, starting at the center of the mouth on both the upper and lower lip lines using the pencil after applying any of the following:
    • Lipstick
    • Creamy Lip Color
    • Lip Glaze

You can also wear this alone with a closed cap after application.

  • LA Colors Automatic Lip Liner Pencil: LA Colors Pencil lines & fills lips beautifully by enriching it with shea butter which nourishes, moisturizes & protects your lip skin. This lip liner does not require a sharpener.
  • LA Girl Endless Auto Lip Liner: The Endless Auto Lip Liner is a semi-permanent formula for extended wear effects. It is a good waterproof and smudge-proof option for all-day wear, lining & defining with long-lasting definition. This unique formula glides on smooth with improved creaminess because of the added vitamin E to condition lips. Even after drying, the Liner’s color can withstand overnight.