Lip Makeup

The Importance of Lip Makeup to Your Look

A complete understanding of your facial feature is important while applying makeup and getting the best possible look. Lip makeup is an important part of your overall makeup. You have to be accurate in designing your lips. This accuracy in lip makeup comes when you have the complete lips makeup products kit and you know the usage of those products. Keep in mind that lip makeup is not just lipstick or lip liner but several other things like lip gloss and lip balm. Moreover, the makeup accentuates when you take care of your lips at home every day.

Type of lips

Lips’ size and shape vary from human to human. It is the most prominent part of the face that gets maximum attention from people surrounding you. Lip makeup should be adjusted or reinvented according to the lip style. This is not a tough job. If you know the type of lip you have and complete lip makeup products are available, you can easily create a stylish and dashing look with your lip makeup.

Following are different types of lips you can find in people surrounding you:

  • Full lips – Full lips are well-balanced lips with accurate shape and size of both upper and lower lips with lower lips slightly protruding. You can balance the lips with the rest of the face makeup or make them the focal point of your look.
  • Heart-shaped lips – This is the most desired lips shape that is characterized by a well-curved cupid’s bow on the upper lip. There is a considerable dip in the upper lip that looks stunning even if you are not using any lipstick. The lower lip is not heavier than the full lips.
  • Top-heavy lips – In this lip shape, the top is heavier than the lower lip and the curve of the cupid’s bow is not as prominent as heart-shaped lips. With the right use of lipstick and lip liner, you can balance the lips and develop an attractive style. Makeup experts often advise using different lipstick shades for upper and lower lips with brighter shades at the bottom and darker shades at the top. Otherwise, you can also underline the top lip leaving a slight space above, and then filing the left space adjusting your skin tone.
  • Bottom-heavy lips – Bottom-heavy lips are famous for pouts. Such pouts become more prominent when you apply balanced makeup to enhance the look of the bottom or lower lip.
  • Think lips – These types of lips are quite common across the globe. Thin lips consist of less space in both upper and lower lips. These kinds of lips look great with a little touch of lipsticks. To look natural, many makeup users just apply only lip gloss. However, you can use outliners to add some space for heavy makeup.
  • Wider lips – Not much visible, wider lip owners seize attention when they smile. If you have wider lips, the lips are dominating your facial features. Rather than hiding this, use makeup to make the lips more prominent.

You must use quality lip makeup products to keep getting the makeup you desire. The quality of the makeup products will also ensure that your lips always remain healthy and beautiful.