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Lip Gloss is a common cosmetic used to give your lips a glossy luster. It sometimes adds subtle color to your rubies. You can classify lipgloss as a fluid or a soft solid, but not a lip balm. You can distinguish between lipglosses in terms of their visual transparency ranging from opacity to translucent. A lipgloss is created to give any of the following finishes to the lips:

  • Frosted
  • Glittery
  • Glossy
  • Metallic

Lip Stick vs. Lip Balm vs. Lip Gloss

Although all three are applied to one lip, they differ in their composition and purposes. A Lip Balm has a medical or soothing purpose. Lipstick is a solid, cream-like substance that gives a pigmented color to the lips, whereas Lipgloss is a semi-solid or fluid that gives a subtle luster to the lips, as per the reflection of the outfit.

What is a typical Lipgloss made up of?

Lipgloss is a creamy semi-solid mixture of waxes, oils, and pigments. It contains fewer pigments often diluted, as the free-flowing nature of the product requires less wax. The principal component of lipgloss is lanolin, which gives a moisturizing quality to the lips and imparts gloss.

How many types of Lip glosses are there?

Lip gloss comes in a variety of forms. It can come in a small cylinder, applied with a rounded or sloped doe foot applicator, or with a lip brush. You can get lip gloss in a small, soft, squeezable plastic tube designed to be applied with a fingertip, lip brush, or slid over the lips.

  • Basic Lip Gloss: Adds shine to the lips without color.
  • Colored Lip Gloss; Adds a combination of color and shine
  • Glittery Lip Gloss: has a glitter base with/without color(s)
  • Plumping Lip Gloss: Makes the lips appear softer and plumper
  • Lifter Glosses: A cheap, easy, and harmless alternative to collagen, Restylane, Juvederm, or Fat Injections. However, the effects are temporary


Purpose of a Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is often used when a person wants to color their lips but in a less intense manner. A solid lip color effect or a made-up look is the job of lipstick. This is not the purpose of a Lip gloss. It is an introductory to makeup. Artists use many light shimmery lip glosses in their makeup kit introductions, majorly by preteen and young teenage girls. Lip gloss looks are for young girls who want to wear makeup but are too young to wear intense colors. You can also apply lipgloss on top of lipstick to increase its gloss or add depth to its glitter gloss.

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Some of Beauty Bliss’s famed Lip glosses

  • All-Nighter Matte Liquid Lips: It is a highly comfortable, long-wearing, and full-coverage liquid gloss. Each all-nighter matte comes with intense color that dries with a sophisticated, and long-wearing finish.
  • Flori Roberts Lip Polish: This Lip Polish is a cutting-edge gloss with high-impact hues. It leaves your lips with a super-brilliant shine.
  • High Shine Lacquer Lip Polish: The High-Shine Lacquer creates a glass-like dazzling colored shine on the lips along with moisturizing, smoothing, and protecting them. The Lacquer offers the highest shine of all lip products with its glass-like glaze finish that sure attracts attention.
  • LA Colors Jellie, Shimmer, Sparkle Lipgloss: The Jellie, Shimmer, Sparkle Lipgloss gives you a gorgeous shine without sticky lips. We recommend you treat your lips with LA Color’s amazing jelly, shimmer & sparkle lip–gloss. Their texture is truly jelly-like and it is super moisturizing, gliding smoothly on your lips making it look full and healthy.