LA Girl Fine Line Eyeliner

Try these Trending Styles with LA Girl Fine Line Eyeliner

Fashion trends are a never-ending saga, and one trend that is raging at the moment is wearing eyeliner in fancier ways. Our fashion police at Beauty Bliss have eyes everywhere, and that is why today they have brought the most incredible eyeliner trends that you must give a try with LA Girl Fine Line Eyeliner.


Dreamy Floating Crease- If you want to look unconventional and eye-catchy in a gathering or want to make your soul happy, this trend is for you. Start by drawing the liner on the crease area of your eyes, from the inner corner to the outer corner. Once done, outline your eyelid like you normally do and meet the end to the line drawn earlier. Let it dry, and voila, your dreamy look is ready!

Reversed Wing Eyeliner- The classic winged liner has always been a hit. Now let us try its reverse version. This offbeat concept is for the creative heads who love to experiment. Begin by drawing a thin lining from the inner corner to outer, beneath the lower waterline that ends with the wing outwards. Reapply to make the liner thick and give proper shape to your wings. It can be tricky for starters, as our lower eyelashes are often troublesome. But with practice, you need not fret and order LA Girl Fine Line Eyeliner.

A Mermaid Saga- We can never be a real-life mermaid, but at least now we have an eyeliner style that can make us feel that way. Get this look by drawing a simple winged eyeliner on your upper lid. Just make sure that the wing ends up straight and is not at all curvy. Once done, go ahead with mirroring the lower lash wing, starting from the edge of the lower lash. Draw it till the upper lid wing liner, adjacently. To make it more creative, you can stick a tiny rhinestone on the edge of the eyeliner.

A Smokey Affair- If you think smokey eyes are overrated, please reconsider your thought. Smokey eyes are the best and most prolonged eyeliner trend that has been ruling the fashion world for more than a couple of years now. All you need to do for this look is apply a regular winged eyeliner and fill up the eyelid with kajal or black eye shadow, blend it nicely. This eyeliner style can save your time of doing full-face makeup. And it is precisely because when all the drama is going on your eyes, who would care to look if your face is perfectly made up or not. Just for the sake of it, apply a nude lip color, natural tint to the cheeks and a dash of highlighter.

So, now try your hands on these trendsetting eyeliner styles of 2022 and let the world around you turn its heads. With the LA Girl Fine Line Eyeliner range, you can try anything and make things go right for you. Available at our website along with many other LA Girl products, it is time you get your hands on the liner and get started with your fashion trail.