LA Colors Eye Shader & Blender Brush

LA Colors Eye Shader & Blender Brush is indispensable in your makeup kit

Why is it to have great eye makeup? What makes impressive eye makeup? You need to be aware of the importance of eye makeup. Do you know, the majority of women who use makeup regularly don’t pay any attention to their eyes? Why? Because they think having face makeup with eye shadow or just eyeliner is sufficient. Whereas the reality is that eye makeup is pivotal to your overall look. If you neglect this part of the makeup, you are missing the x-factor in your makeup. But, you know it doesn’t take extra energy. If you have LA Colors Eye Shader & Blender Brush with you, you can rock. LA Colors have amazing shades in their palate that make your eyes stylish and gorgeous.

This is not one formula for all problems

Try to understand that you cannot pick the same eye shades on every occasion. Moreover, eye makeup can make or break your overall look. It is not feasible to ignore this matter. You can try LA Colors 4 color matte, LA Colors 5 Color matte, LA Colors Metallic eye shadow, and many other options of the brand to create your shade or use one of the shades directly in the eyes. Having LA Colors Eye Shader & Blender Brush in your makeup kit is a huge advantage. They have splendid options for mattes and they have a huge reputation in the international market. You can now buy this brand of eye color shades in Kenya.

Different types of eye makeup

Eye makeup depends on three factors –

  • What kind of party or occasion you are going to attend?
  • What kind of dress you are going to wear?
  • What kind of face makeup you are using?

There should be a semblance of all these three aspects between each other and also with the eye makeup. In your everyday life, stick to your natural eye makeup whereas when you are going to celebrate a wedding party or office party try another makeup. Have a look at some of the most popular types of eye makeup:

  • Natural eye makeup

This is the quickest and easiest way to enhance your look. Use a suitable LA Colors matte for this purpose. Find the options on Beauty & Bliss, they have a wide array of LA Colors Eye Shader & Blender Brush. Women keep it as simple as possible. Use a suitable primer first and then use a natural look basic shadow with the help of a medium-sized blender brush.

  • Smokey eye makeup

This one is perhaps one of the most popular eye makeup types. Women use this makeup style mostly at parties. You need primer, eyeliner, and matte black eye shadows. Here lighter and darker eyeshadows are together in a certain pattern.

  • Glitter eye makeup

Many choose glitter eye makeup at night parties. Sometimes, cat eye makeup can be an addition to glitter eye makeup.

  • Cat eye makeup

As the name suggests, you need to follow the cat’s eye pattern in this eye makeup style. However, eyeliner has a significant role in this style. You can use LA Colors dark shadow eyeshadows for this purpose.

If you want to do eye makeup, then always use the best products for this. LA Colors Eye Shader & Blender Brush is available online on Beauty Bliss. You can place the order online to get varieties of shades in this genre. Just pick the products such as LA Colors Spark eye shadow, LA Colors glittering starlet eye shadow, LA Girl Beauty Brick eyeshadow, or anything available there. That would give you a dashing look.

Eye Shader & Blender Brush

These Eye Shader & Blender Brush Must be in your Makeup Kit

Makeup is a new-age art that is becoming quite famous these days. The social media platforms are flooded with makeup techniques, tips, DIYs, etc. So, our experts at Beauty Bliss thought of giving their advice on the eye shader & blender brush that must be in your makeup kit, especially if you are a beginner.

Eye Shader & Blender Brush

Mascara Wand- Also known as spoolie brushes, these brushes are a great investment. Grab a pack of straight and curvy spoolie brush sets having 360 degrees synthetic bristles. You can use the brushes for your eyebrows and eyelashes and to comb your front baby hair, which can spoil your overall look.

Secret Tip: You can use the spoolie to colour the grey hair for a short instinct.

Lip Liner Brush- Lips and eyes are the most fascinating feature on anyone’s face. Where your eyes will look picture perfect with an eye shader & blender brush from LA Colors, a lip liner brush from the same range would do wonders. Applying bullet lipstick directly always scatters our lip shape. But, if you go with a lip liner brush to shape your lips, you get very defined and perfectly shaped lips.

Foundation Brush- Another must-have makeup brush in your makeup kit is a foundation brush. Though a beauty blender is another alternative to a foundation brush, let’s keep it for later. A good, fluffy foundation brush blends your foundation nicely and smoothly.

Secret Tip: Do not rub the foundation on your face; blend it with a dabbing technique. This way, no patches of the foundation are left behind your face.

Powder Brush- Setting our foundation with a powder is a crucial step to make your face look nicely done. Powder brushes are fluffy and are mostly oval-shaped. After blending the foundation, the next step is to pack our face with loose powder. This step sets the foundation for a longer time and helps us give a matte finish.

Eye Shader & Blender Brush- As we mentioned earlier, an eye shader & blender brush is crucial in our makeup kit as it highlights the most significant part of our face, i.e., our eyes. Grab it from the website and use it to fill in your eyelids in shades of colour you love. These brushes are mostly fluffy but are way smaller in size when compared to a powder brush.

Fan Brush- To highlight your T-zone and areas that you want to bring focus on, like your eye bones and cheekbones. A fan brush can be optional though, as you can use your powder brush like a fan brush to highlight your high areas. All you need is to hold the bristles vertically between your thumb and finger beside it. But, if you have some extra pennies and want to use them to build up your brush collection, then go ahead with a fan brush and enjoy your makeup spree.

All these brushes are available at Beauty Bliss at the most affordable price in the market.