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ZaminoCal Capsules


Maintain healthy bones and teeth. 95% plus calcium absorption and utilization. Mild bone activate formula, it is also appropriate for weak gastrointenstinal function. Get the benefits of calcium, magnesium, zinc & selenium. Preevnts rheumatoid arthritis and slows down aging process of the bone structure.

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Health Benefits:-
1. Enhance absorption of calcium and zinc to over 90%
2. Prevent & improve osteoarthritis
3. Suitable for teenage, lactating woman and elderly
4. Good for prostrate health
5. Improves menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea)
6. Promote tissue repair & growth
7. Slows done the aging process of bone structure
8. Improves the immune system
9. Rich in natural collagens which nourishes the skin
10. Heals & strengthens the muscular,cartilage and nerve tissues
11. Helps pregnant mothers to deliver quickly and without excess pain. Helps quick healing of women in production system after delivery

2 capsules per day with meals


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