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MicrO2 cycle tablets


MicrO2 CycleTM Tablets, desined specifically for prevention of hear attacks and cardiovascular issues.

Why BF Suma MicrO2?

Maintain proper heart function
– Improve blood circulation and maintain oxygen delivery to cardiac
– Balance cholesterol and prevent blood clotting
Relieving pain, especially the oppressed feeling in the chest


Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and persons taking products that contain aspirin.

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Health Benefits:-

1. Helpful for removing blood statis
2. Improve the flow of blood through the small vascular network
3. Enhance oxygen and nutrients delivery
4. Anti-oxidation, free radical clearance, cardiac muscular protection
5. Assist cholestrol and trigly cerides normalizations
6. It improves blood circulation
7. Improves eye sight
8. Prevents arteriosclerosis
9. Strong anti-oxidant
10. Prevents senile dementia and alzheimer’s
11. Lower whole blood and plasma viscosity
12. Good for hypertension management
13. Good for stroke prevention and reverses stroke
14. Prevents Haert attack and Cardiovascular issues


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