Beauty Bliss is Your Go-to Eye Makeup Products Shop in Kenya

Eyes are said to be the window to a person’s soul. Thus, it becomes crucial for us to accentuate them and make them a window worth looking at. Also, the eyes are the most prominent focal point on our faces. So, now enhance your look with Beauty Bliss as we present you with our range of eye makeup products. From eyeliner to false eyelashes to mascara to eye primer, etc., we offer it all.

What do we Offer?

Being an eye makeup products shop in Kenya, we have a whole range of makeup products. Come, let us explore it-

EYEBROW– Eyebrows give our eyelids a boundary to apply colorful eyeshadow. Many people only prefer shaping their brows, and they are good to go. Grab these eye makeup products exclusively from Beauty Bliss.

EYESHADOW BLENDER BRUSH– If you are fond of eyeshadow, then a dire need for good quality eyeshadow blender brushes is understandable. Thus, for our eyes makeup range, get your hands on LA Colors brushes of the finest quality and density.

EYELINERS– To give our eyes the most defined outlining; a good eyeliner is what we need. You can get your hands on LA Colors liquid or pencil eyeliner. These liners have great intensity and are perfect for simple to bold looks.

EYE PRIMER– Makeup artist suggests that to get a good eyeshadow finish, we should always apply a primer underneath. This keeps the eyeshadow intact on the eyelid and does not make clusters on the crease area. We have a great collection of primers, along with other eye makeup products in the shop.

EYESHADOW– Match your eyelids with the colour of your outfit and look like a diva wherever you go. We have all the range of LA Colors eyeshadow, like- spark eyeshadow, glittering starlet eyeshadow, compact eyeshadow, 12 colour eyeshadow, 5 colours matte eyeshadow, and many more. Grab any of your favourite eyes makeup from our shop at the best price.

FALSE EYELASHES– Now that you have shaped your brows, primed your eyelids, and have done all the thousand jobs on your eye, it is time to complete the look with false eyelashes. They will accentuate your eyes in the best way and make them look fuller.

MASCARA Complete all the struggle you did on your eyes with a volumizing and lengthening mascara by LA Colors. Being a prominent eye makeup products shop in Kenya, we offer the most authentic and quality products to you all. So, meet your makeup pangs with our product range.

Why only Beauty Bliss for Eye Makeup Products?

Beauty Bliss is a renowned eye makeup products shop in Kenya. We are also the authorised seller of LA Color and LA Girl products, offering at unbelievable prices. Also, we run discount coupons, sales, etc., so makeup shopping for you becomes more economical. So, stay tuned for more updates till then, grab your favourite eyes makeup.

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