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The era of social media influence has resulted in teaching us many things. From baking cake without an oven to full-face makeup, social media platforms have taught us everything. These tutorials have helped people to give fancy-looking things a try. One such thing that has become part of our makeup looks are eyebrow pencil. These pencils define light brows and give depth to the bushy ones. So, today we have brought you a few tips and tricks to shape your eyebrows neatly and perfectly using LA Colors brow pencils and other eyebrow products.

How to Shape your Brows?

Shaping your brows is no less than an art. If the strokes are darker on the wrong side, then you might end up looking like a blunder. Come, let us share with you varied options to shape your brows perfectly.

Brow Creme or Pencil- Brow cremes or pencils are rich-pigmented options that are smooth and have a blendable application to give you the finest hair strokes. These cremes or pencils are smudge-proof. For instance, the LA Colors brow pencils available at Beauty Bliss are the top picks of all time as these are highly best for professional shoots as well as beginners.

Eyebrow Powder- Another option to make your eyebrows is an eyebrow powder. You can achieve a natural and soft look using such powder, but it surely needs a lot of practice. Also, remember that it is a powder-based product, which is not waterproof.

Tinted Eyebrow Gel- If you either have very light or very bushy brows, then a tinted eyebrow gel is all you need. This gel works in filling up the tiny spaces in a light brow, making it look fuller. And for bushy ones, you get to keep your brows in place with this gel.

What Should You Choose?

When it comes to picking up the best option for you, our pick is an eyebrow pencil. Especially for beginners who like to control each stroke of their brow, it is the best pick. These pencils often come with a tiny brush that will blend the product on your brows and make it look subtle. Also, setting your hand on a brow pencil is much easier than any other brow making option.

After you have figured out what eyebrow product suits you and can be used without haste, it is time to start shaping those brows.

Step 1- We don’t colour a picture until we have made it. Likewise, if you want to fill up your brows, then map out the shape and areas you want to fill. Use a very light hand for filling your brows.

Step 2- Once you have outlined the brows, you should brush them to know where to fill them.

Step 3- Fill in your brows with a light and tight hand, as per your preference. While doing so, brush your brows again. Set your brows either with a setting spray or a transparent brow gel to keep the product in place.

So, now you have learned a lot about doing your brows, so are you ready to give your brows a makeover. Check out our website order LA Colors brow pencils right away to start your browsing journey today!

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