Visually enhance your Eye Lashes with Beauty Bliss’s Mascara

Mascara is a well-known cosmetic used to enhance the eyelashes of the applier, both upper and lower. Mascara usually darkens or thickens the eyelashes, in some cases lengthens and defines them too. In the market, Mascara is available in three forms—liquid, powder, or cream. But nowadays appliers use modern mascara product formulas which mostly contain the same basic components,  namely:

  • Pigments
  • Oils
  • Waxes
  • Preservatives

The majority of people use mascara in a liquid form with an application brush. Let us learn about waterproof and dry mascara. 

Waterproof Mascara & Other Forms

From the varied forms of Mascara comes, there is also an option for Waterproof Mascara. But the decision to choose between waterproof or non-waterproof mascara should be based on your particular needs.

Why choose Waterproof Mascara?

Many people choose waterproof mascara because of their watery eyes. They do not want to run the risk of the product running on a hot summer day when you might sweat and your makeup might worsen. Also, waterproof mascara and makeups are great for the emo days like a wedding.

Why choose Non-waterproof Mascara?

The reason why some people choose a non-waterproof mascara is because a waterproof one is harder to remove. It could also potentially damage your eyelashes if not removed properly. The wise thing to do is to use normal mascara on most days, and waterproof mascara when doing a proper glamour look for an event.

Safety Habits for Using a Mascara

  1. Not Using Expired Mascara

Barring some exceptions, a typical Mascara is good for three months after opening, while some are good for six months. You can check the mascara packaging and look for the expiration date. Using mascara past expiration put you at risk for bacterial infections in the eye.

  1. Refrain from Mascara sharing

Also, experts recommend you not share your mascara with other people. It may seem like no big deal but it actually can be quite dangerous. Many Eye Makeups can cause serious eye infections good sanitation practice is not applied. So, replace your mascara as needed, and don’t share it with other people.

  1. Apply proper Removal procedure

Always use a washable mascara brush and apply mascara with it. Also, wash the brush after every use. We understand that it is difficult for everyday makeup users but is a great option for a makeup artist who uses a single tube on many clients.

Beauty Bliss Mascara

Why does your Choice of Mascara matters?

You wish for perfectly curved eyelashes and don a lengthening mascara for your dream come true. But in reality, it is a little too dark. Most times, people end up thickening their eyelashes too much. They clump them together, which does not look appealing. Many a times people use expired mascara or their wand pokes becomes one too many.

For all these reasons, the choice of Mascara becomes tough. Here’s when we, the Beauty Bliss come to your rescue. We give you the ultimate guide to mascaras as a know-it-all booklet with the help of our global make-up experts.

Beauty Bliss for the best Mascara you ever had

Beauty Bliss stocks a wide range of Mascaras for your ease. We have some of the well-renowned Brands from which you can choose your quality mascara:

We also boast of providing the best-in-class Mascaras from  the market, such as the following:

  • Lash Building Mascara to maximize as well as thicken the eyelashes
  • Double Volumizing Lashes

Mascara Effects:

Mascaras are known to have different effects and looks to their wearer. We are proud to mention some of our delicate yet appealing mascara looks :

  • Water-resistant False Lash Volumizing Look
  • Full-Lash Effect
  • All-in-One Lifting Effect
  • Ultimate Volume & Lengthen
  • Longer Fuller Lashes with Volume & Curl

Keep Your Eyebrows Well Maintained At Home By Threading and Eyebrow Makeup Kit

Taking care of your eyebrows is an intricate job. In this part of the face, you need the finest possible finishing with threading and makeup. While threading provides you with a permanent solution and desired eyebrow shape, you can alter the shape or give a stylish look to your eyes by curving the eyebrows further or adding desired shapes with eyebrow makeup tools such as eyebrow pencils and shades. You should know that perfectly shaped and groomed eyebrows can be achieved at home. Moreover, you can order the best eyebrow and all other makeup products online.

Different Ways to Shape Your Eyebrows

Do you know how to shape eyebrows at home? You can go for eyebrow threading, eyebrow plucking, or eyebrow waxing. The first step you need to do to get the perfect eyebrow is to find the right shape based on your face shape.

eyebrows  kit

How to Shape Eyebrows with Thread?

You need to use a sewing thread about 11 inches long & make it tied at the ends for making a loop.

  • Your first task is to use your index finger & thumb of both hands to insert them in the loop. Then, you should twist that loop 4-5 times with fingers on every hand.
  • At the time of insertion, ensure that the knot’s position is on your fingers, not in the middle.
  • Then, you should keep one hand’s fingers pinched together and move the fingers on your other hand. The center twist of the loop slides up & down with the increase & decrease of distance between your index finger and thumb. Thus, it is possible to pull out the hair. However, you should keep in mind that you must not pull this in the same direction as your hair growth.
  • You need to place one of your hands above the brow while placing another hand below it.
  • After that, your task is to place the hair you want to remove in the loop’s ‘V’ part. Then, you should move the fingers on the hand under the brow. Thus, you can move the twist-over the hair to pull it out.
  • Keep in mind that you should keep the extra hair that you are willing to remove. Thus, you can prevent pulling out other hair accidentally. However, this process requires a lot of time and precision.

Eyebrow Makeup kit

Just threading will not work. You can use the eyebrow makeup kit to give different look to your eyes and eyebrows. Beauty Bliss has a variety of eyebrow products in their stocks, like different brow pencils, brow palette kits & brow stencils, using which you can get the perfect eyebrows. Whether you want to fill in sparse spots and add definition, use brow powder and an angled brush. Use eyebrow stencils if you are willing to shape your eyebrows. You need to hold this little template on your brows so that you don’t color outside the eyebrow line with your powders or pencils.