Eye Shader & Blender Brush

These Eye Shader & Blender Brush Must be in your Makeup Kit

Makeup is a new-age art that is becoming quite famous these days. The social media platforms are flooded with makeup techniques, tips, DIYs, etc. So, our experts at Beauty Bliss thought of giving their advice on the eye shader & blender brush that must be in your makeup kit, especially if you are a beginner.

Eye Shader & Blender Brush

Mascara Wand- Also known as spoolie brushes, these brushes are a great investment. Grab a pack of straight and curvy spoolie brush sets having 360 degrees synthetic bristles. You can use the brushes for your eyebrows and eyelashes and to comb your front baby hair, which can spoil your overall look.

Secret Tip: You can use the spoolie to colour the grey hair for a short instinct.

Lip Liner Brush- Lips and eyes are the most fascinating feature on anyone’s face. Where your eyes will look picture perfect with an eye shader & blender brush from LA Colors, a lip liner brush from the same range would do wonders. Applying bullet lipstick directly always scatters our lip shape. But, if you go with a lip liner brush to shape your lips, you get very defined and perfectly shaped lips.

Foundation Brush- Another must-have makeup brush in your makeup kit is a foundation brush. Though a beauty blender is another alternative to a foundation brush, let’s keep it for later. A good, fluffy foundation brush blends your foundation nicely and smoothly.

Secret Tip: Do not rub the foundation on your face; blend it with a dabbing technique. This way, no patches of the foundation are left behind your face.

Powder Brush- Setting our foundation with a powder is a crucial step to make your face look nicely done. Powder brushes are fluffy and are mostly oval-shaped. After blending the foundation, the next step is to pack our face with loose powder. This step sets the foundation for a longer time and helps us give a matte finish.

Eye Shader & Blender Brush- As we mentioned earlier, an eye shader & blender brush is crucial in our makeup kit as it highlights the most significant part of our face, i.e., our eyes. Grab it from the website and use it to fill in your eyelids in shades of colour you love. These brushes are mostly fluffy but are way smaller in size when compared to a powder brush.

Fan Brush- To highlight your T-zone and areas that you want to bring focus on, like your eye bones and cheekbones. A fan brush can be optional though, as you can use your powder brush like a fan brush to highlight your high areas. All you need is to hold the bristles vertically between your thumb and finger beside it. But, if you have some extra pennies and want to use them to build up your brush collection, then go ahead with a fan brush and enjoy your makeup spree.

All these brushes are available at Beauty Bliss at the most affordable price in the market.

LA Colors Eye Shader & Blender Brush

Learn the Art of Using your Makeup Brushes with LA Colors Eye Shader & Blender Brush

All the makeup beginners fret trying their hands on eyeshadows. Why? Well, because every makeup artist tells them about how to blend, crease, and highlight. But none of it tells them what brushes to use and where they can get them. So, we thought of helping you with this and providing you with a list of brushes you will require for eye makeup. Also, before we go ahead, you can get the LA Colors eye shader & blender brush from our website.

Classic Shader- The most important eyeshadow brush has to be the classic shader that takes up the duty of coverage over the entire lid. Its bristles are soft but packed very densely so that your lid does not feel the harshness of the bristles, and everything is blended beautifully. It has a semi-circle edge, which makes it most worthy of use.

Small Shader- Similar to the classic shader brush, but its bristles are short in size and densely packed. This brush is responsible for picking the eyeshadow from your palette in a generous amount, and with just one swipe, it settles on the lid. Then using the same brush, you can blend it softly on your lid.

Precise Shader- This brush again has short bristles and is less wide. It is responsible for holding a good chunk of the product while maintaining precision in its application on our lid. For all the girls who love the smokey look, LA Colors eye shader & blender brush is all they need in life. Achieve your desired eye makeup with the precision shader and be ready to collect compliments.

Angled Shader- For eyeshadow application on the socket line and above, the angled shader is the brush you need in your vanity. This brush suits the best for defined creases due to its angular shape. Cream or powder application by sweeping the brush inside your socket line is how you use this brush.

Blending Brush- To get eyeshadow blending on the crease, on the lid, on the socket line, this is the brush you should get your hands on. Its long dome-shaped bristles fan out to diffuse rough pigments and blend away lines for a smoother transition of colour.

Angled Detailer- If you are a person of detailing in your eyeshadow or like to experiment with looks, then having an angled detailer brush in your vanity is a must. From gel pigments to chunky glitter in the inner corner of your eye-lid, this brush will pick everything and settle it in the right place.

Detailed Pencil- Those makeup lovers who experiment with face art need the most detailed brushes in their vanity. And this one is again one of the important brushes that you should have. This soft-tapered brush picks up the perfect amount of pigments and allows you to target the smallest details that you want in your eye shadow.

So, now that you have learnt about what brushes and shaders serve, get a set of LA Colors eye shader & blender brush from Beauty Bliss and begin your makeup journey.