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Beauty Bliss is a go-to Makeup cosmetics online retailer in all of Kenya

We at Beauty Bliss believe that the eyes are the window to a person’s soul. So, for every makeup person, it becomes crucial to accentuate their eyes to make them a window worth looking at. The eyes are also believed to be the most prominent focal point on our faces. For these reasons, we suggest you enhance your look with Beauty Bliss with our range of eye makeup products. We offer all kinds of eyewear, such as eyeliners, false eyelashes, mascara, eye primers, etc., all of which are detailed in the following section.

Eye Makeup Products at Beauty Bliss

Beauty Bliss is an eye makeup products online retailing shop in Kenya with a whole range of makeup products, such as the following:


Eyebrows add the eyelids with a boundary to apply colorful eyeshadow. If you prefer shaping your brows, then the eyebrows are good to go. You can have these eye makeup products easily from Beauty Bliss, as we are the only dispenser in the market now.

Eyeshadow Blender Brush

For an eyeshadow enthusiast, you will need good quality eyeshadow blender brushes. Therefore, we suggest you get your hands on LA Colors brushes. These brushes are of the finest quality and density for our eye makeup range.


Eyeliners are to give our eyes the most defined outlining. You can get your hands on one of the finest eyeliners, such as LA Colors liquid/pencil eyeliner. These eyeliners have great intensity. You can have a perfect too simple to bold look with the LA colors eyeliners.

Eye Primer

To get a good eyeshadow finish, we suggest you always apply a primer underneath, to keep your eyeshadows intact on the eyelid. A primer does not make clusters on the crease area. For a great collection of primers along with other eye makeup products, purchase Beauty Bliss.


With your eye primer application sorted, use eyelids with the color of your outfit. They provide a diva look for your wherever looks. At Beauty Bliss, we have a range of eyeshadows from the LA Colors, such as the following:

  • Spark Eyeshadow
  • Glittering Starlet Eyeshadow
  • Compact Eyeshadow
  • 12-Colour Eyeshadow
  • 5-Colour Matte Eyeshadow

So, pick your favorite eye makeup from Beauty Bliss at the best price.

False Eyelashes

After shaping your brows, priming your eyelids, and doing other things on your eyes, it is time to settle the look with false eyelashes, which will accentuate your eyes in the best possible way, giving them a fuller look.


You can now complete your eye makeup with our volumizing as well as lengthening LA Colors Mascara.

Beauty Bliss is a prominent eye makeup products online shop in Kenya with the most authentic and quality products for you. So, meet your eye makeup pangs with our range of products.


Beauty Bliss Eye Cosmetics

Why choose Beauty Bliss for Eye Makeup Products in Kenya?

Beauty Bliss is one of the most reputed eye makeup products online shops in all of Kenya. As an authorized seller of LA Color and LA Girl products, Beauty Bliss offers makeup products at unbelievable prices, with the provision of discount coupons, sales, etc., to make your purchase easier in your pockets. We make your makeup shopping more economical. Stay tuned for more updates, and purchase your favorite eye makeup from Beauty Bliss as and when required.


What are some essential tips for achieving flawless eye makeup?

Tips for achieving flawless eye makeup are:

  • Using an eye primer with better-chosen blending tools
  • Choose basic Eyeshades and take time to color your eyelashes
  • Contour your eyes, and add a wing
  • Finish it with a Mascara

Which eye makeup products should beginners start with?

The beginners must start with basic shades to pull off an everyday look, such as the following:

  • A thin Eye Liner
  • Mascara to effect
  • Eye Primer to set the base

How can I make my eyes pop with makeup?

Here are the following ways in which you can make your eyes pop up:

  • A toned eyeliner to brighten your eyes
  • An Eyelash Curler to accentuate your lashes
  • Coat sheer colors on your eyes for an instant pop
  • Experiment with colored eyeliner
  • Add heat to the lid look with a statement eye
  • Brighten the under-eye nearby
  • Use Eyeshadow instead of Highlighter

What are the latest eye makeup trends for this season?

The one with the most buzz is a toned liner. It is a trendy, bold, non-flashy, and customizable eye care product, featuring traditional black/brown eyeliner on the eyelid. You can have a different color on the bottom lid. People usually go for a bold primary color or a softer pastel shade.

What are the best techniques for creating a smokey eye look?

One of the best techniques is to blend a matte and mid-tone neutral shade over your eyelid. This will create an unmatchable base. All you have to do is apply a matte, dark-tone shadow to your eye’s outer corners which will pack the color at your lash line. You can then blend it upwards or outwards with a fluffy brush for smoothening any harsh lines, if any.

How do I choose the right eyeshadow colors to complement my eye shape and color?

The right color can be subjective. We will take a specific case to explain. For instance, the ideal eyeshadow color for the brown eyes can be neutral. But warm shades such as bronze and salmon bring them out beautifully. In case you have hazel eyes, then you can opt for a host of colors such as warm pinks, browns, greens, and blues. For deep dark eyes, you can opt for rich pigments, or bold shades like silver, or black color.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when applying eye makeup?

These are some of the common eye makeup mistakes that are making you look older:

  • Applying a dark eyeliner
  • Skipping your eyebrows or lining the waterline
  • Using the wrong concealer or heavy eyeliner
  • Not using Primer or powder eyeshadow
  • Using heavy glitter

Can anyone recommend affordable yet high-quality eye makeup brands?

In Kenya, the only high-quality eye makeup brand is Beauty Bliss. As an authorized seller of LA Color and LA Girl products, Beauty Bliss offers makeup products at unbelievable prices, with the provision of discount coupons, sales, etc., to make your purchase easier in your pockets.

What’s the best way to remove eye makeup without damaging my lashes and skin?

You can soak a cotton swab in jojoba or other effective oil to break up eye makeup along the eyelashes. Then you must gently wipe away the makeup while not breaking your lashes.

How can I achieve a long-lasting eye makeup look for special occasions?

For a long-lasting eye-makeup look, you can use a dedicated primer for eye-makeup, as it helps keep the following in place:

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Cream Blush
  • Bronzer
  • Highlighter

An eye primer can help your eye makeup last all day.

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