LA Girl Nail Polish

Nail art has become a never-ending trend. But getting your nails done at a professional nail art studio can empty your pocket. So, to help you keep up with nail art trends, we have brought you a midway, i.e., DIY nail art using LA Girl nail polish from Beauty Bliss. Let’s not delay any further and show you how to try trending nail arts at home.LA Girl Gel Extreme Shine Nail PolishBase and Dot- This is our personal favourite because it is minimal and sophisticated. All you need is to apply LA Colors base coat fibre strong nail polish and let it dry completely. Take any bright nail polish, dip matchstick or toothpick in it and put it like a dot in the middle of your nail tip, leaving a little space. Do the same with the rest of the nails, i.e., one dot on each nail, at the same place. Once dried, top it up with a clear LA Colors nail polish, and voila. Your minimal yet eye-catchy nails are all ready to flaunt.

LA Girl Color Pop Nail PolishFishnet Design- This particular nail art might look expensive, but we bet it is not. All you need for this one is a base coat of your choice with complementing dry glitter dust and a fishnet/ old net stocking/ veggie net. Begin with the application of the base coat. Apply at least two layers of it and let it dry completely. Now place the fishnet/ old net stocking/ veggie net on your painted nail and apply the LA Colors diamond topcoat treatment. Before it gets dry, sprinkle the glitter powder on it and let it dry more than usual. Remove the net only when fully dry and see how spectacular the result would be. Don’t forget to seal this parlour-like nail art with clear nail polish.LA Girl Splatter Nail PolishModern Face Art- Nothing in this world has a touch of art. Especially if you have an artistic soul, this nail art is meant for you. Begin by applying a base coat and letting it dry. Now take LA Girl professional salon nail lacquer, and using a thin brush (preferably a paintbrush), start drawing face outlines on your nails. You can search for face portraits that are very much like paintings. Once done, let it dry and coat a clear LA Girl nail polish. Don’t forget to pose with this artistic nail art on social media and become a trend-setter.LA Girl Magnetic Nail PolishRhinestone Nails- Now, if you are looking forward to diva-like nails, then grab a pack of LA Colors nail gems kit from the website. Begin with a base coat of your choice, and this time you can also go for bright colours to match your outfit or mood. Once the first coat is done and dry, take a toothpick, nail art glue, and rhinestones. Put the glue on the nail tip of your smallest finger and stick rhinestones using a toothpick. Be patient while doing this, as your hurry might ruin the game. Similarly play with rhinestones on the remaining fingers. Let this dry completely and apply a clear coat only on the nail paint area.

These nail arts are easy to do at home whenever you feel bored with your regular nails. And now that you know about some of the trending nail art, order LA Colors nail polish from Beauty Bliss and begin exploring your artistic side.

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